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Frustrated in France

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True story, with one name changed.


This is a story that I have wanted to tell for four years. I have long been an admirer of Solo Touch and have wanted to talk about my own experiences but I have never had the time or the privacy before.

I began to discover masturbation in my mid teens, and by the age of 15-16 I was masturbating regularly. This experience happened when I was 15 and went on a school trip to France for three weeks. I was staying in a dorm with a group of other girls on the trip. Our days were spent exploring the local towns and by the evening we were all tired. The schedule was quite hectic and there wasn't any time to ourselves. The first few days, I was excited to be away from home and fairly distracted by the goings on around me. However by the fourth or fifth day, I begun to be aware of the familiar urges returning.

I had got into the habit of masturbating several times a week, sometimes every day, at home. My hormones were firing on all cylinders and I was constantly horny. But on the trip, I had no time to myself to take care of things. I became increasingly frustrated as time went on. By the end of the first week, I was desperate to get off and every little thing made me think about sex. I was about ready to explode.

That evening, I watched as the other girls got ready for bed, seemingly unaffected by similar feelings. I glanced around. Cali, in the bed next to me, had her back to me as she slipped off her bra and reached for her nightshirt. I saw her breasts as she leaned over to grab the shirt. They were big, bigger than mine (I was a late developer) with dark, perky nipples. Quickly, she slipped the shirt over her head.

I had never considered that I might be gay, but I had always enjoyed the thought of looking at women, I thought they were beautiful. On that night, though, I couldn't stop my thoughts drifting to Cali, wondering whether she was as desperate to get off as I was. I watched as she wriggled out of her knickers, hoping to catch a glimpse of her pussy, but I was disappointed. I imagined what it might look like. I had never seen another girl's pussy before. I was aware of my own, hot, wet pussy. I climbed into my bed.

The lights were low but there was still some light in the room as one girl was reading a book on the other side of the dorm. It was a hot night and I glanced across at Cali. Her eyes were closed and she had kicked off the covers. Her nightshirt had ridden up a little and I could just see a few tiny dark wisps of hair between the top of her pale thighs.

It was too much, I had not cum for over a week by this time. I could feel my clit aching to be touched. I slid my hand inside my knickers and touched my clit. I knew I would cum very quickly. I started to expertly rub my clit, trying not to make any sound or movement. I must have let out a small gasp, though, because Cali opened her eyes. I was embarrassed and stopped what I was doing, but I knew she had seen me. She whispered, ' It's OK... were you masturbating, Jen? '

'Erm... ' I mumbled, and then managed, 'Yeah, I was just playing around really... I couldn't help it. I'm so fucking horny, it's been ages. Do you... ever...? ' She whispered back, to my surprise, 'Don't let me stop you...' But her gaze was fixed on me. She hadn't answered my question. But by the look on her face, I knew the answer. Under normal circumstances, I would have been mortified and stopped. But I couldn't help myself. I was so desperate for relief, I needed an orgasm. My fingers found their way back into my knickers and again I stroked my swollen clit gently as Cali looked on with curiosity. Silently, she lowered her own hand to her nightshirt. 'God, that's making me horny' she whispered, still watching me. I knew I was close to cumming. She added, 'I need to cum badly, I can't hold out any longer! Shit there's no privacy in this place' and her fingers slipped into her wetness and then up to her clit.

I was fascinated. I had never seen anyone else masturbating, and the sight of her pussy was almost enough to tip me over the edge. It was dark and I could see she was wet. Her fingers moved faster than mine, across her labia and clit, until she started to moan quietly. 'I'm gonna...' I managed between breaths, and 'oh god... thats good...' before I couldn't hold out any longer and I threw my head back and my body contorted with the most incredible orgasm I had had in months. Cali came right after me, her thighs and stomach jerking madly and the look of relief evident in her warm, flushed face.

I pulled the covers back over myself and glanced around to see whether anyone else had woken up. The girl who had been reading across the dorm had put her book down and appeared to be sleeping, although I am sure she was listening because there was a smile on her face and I could see her own hand resting on her pyjamas above her crotch. She didn't move, though she was probably desperate to touch herself, just as I had been.

Cali and I masturbated together once again on the trip, towards the end, late one night when we were horny again and couldn't wait until we got home. I'm sure we weren't the only ones, either. Three weeks is a long time for any 15 year olds to go without an orgasm! But we never discussed what happened, nor did we tell anyone else... until today.



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