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The first part of my post is informative. There is a question at the bottom and I would appreciate your comments.
I just finished 4 back to back, without stopping. I didn't know how much more I could take. I have perfected the art of multiple orgasms. (See my other story 'How I have multiple back to back orgasms' Under techniques I think in Feb. or Jan, 2003) Now I can have several almost everytime I masturbate. I feel soooo satisfied with my masturbation.
If you haven't discovered newsgroups you're really missing out.
From Outlook express go to tools>newsgroups. If you have a slow connection it takes a very long time to download all the groups. Then look under alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.... and look at the diiferent ones. Free porn is awesome and it doesn't show up in your history so pople can't tell where you've been. The pics will be stored on your computer, so I do a search and send them to the recycle bin, then use a utility to completely erase them. Just in case someone is smart enough to go snooping. (like my wiz kid son)
I haven't heard a single person here talk about pee fetishes. There is a urine newsgroup with lots of pee movies and pics. Of all the things that get me off most, a woman peing on my dick will do it every time. Sometimes my wife will pee on me, but she can't gush for some reason. It just trickles out. I still like it and always cum, but my biggest fantasy is to have a woman just let go on me. I would cum instantly.
I love masturbating, but I wish all of these fantasies that I have could actually come true. Some obviously have, if you've read my stories you know that. Sometimes I think that by dwelling on the fantasies I can cause them to happen.
I used to have a business that allowed me to go into peoples homes for a long time during the day. While there I masturbated everywhere, in the bed with the women's panties, with dirty kotexes still stuck inside their panties. Sometimes I would find a pair of panties with the kotex in them and take off my underwear, put mine in my pocket and take them to my car. Then I would walk back in and work for hours that way, with a hard on the whole time. If my dick went down and I had to pee, I just peed into the dirty kotex. Then sometimes the woman would return from an errand and I'd just chat with her, while thinking about the fact that I had her panties with the dirty kotex between my legs and it was full of my pee. After I left, still wearing her panties and kotex, I would park in a large department store parking lot and pull the panties down and jack off into the kotex.
Being that I had acces to many homes with women home alone there were obviously many times when the woman would come on to me. The best one was Beth. I worked for her for 6 years every other week. She was petite, dark complected with dark hair and worked out or laid out in the sun on the deck while I worked. Other time we would just chat. She was very friendly and acted like I was one of her best friends.
I noticed her flirting almost immmediately after I took the account. She would poke me in the sides and joke around with me. Then she progressed to undressing in the closet while we were chatting and I was just around the corner from the large walk-in closet. It would happened so fast I didn't realize it at first, then it became apparent. Then she would come out of the closet with her pants still unzipped and tucking in her shirt like it was no big deal, chatting the whole time. I never took my eyes off her. She did this several times, then one day my wife and I worked together at the house and nothing happened until my wife happened to get in the car before I did and Beth timed it just right to come out of her bedroom chatting and pulling up her pants bigger than ever and tucking her shirt in. This time I think I caught a peek at her panties. I was worried because my wife was in the driveway in the car and there was a big window storm door with the main door wide open and she was almost in line with my wife in such a way as my wife might see what was happening. I slid over to block her view and my heart was pounding.
Another time she was in the laundry room and I went in a nearby half bath to pee. I never slide the door all the way closed because it locks in such a way as to be difficult to open. I guess she took this as a sign and walked out of the room pretending not to notice. Then she was in the kitchen and sneezed and said out loud. 'Whew, I need a tissue.' I looked on top of the toilet (there was a box of klenex) as I was still trying to pee, but couldn't because I was hoping she would open the door 'accidentally' to get a tisue and see me pissing, so I was so excited, though soft, and I was having a hard time going. Anyway I could hear her coming so I slid arount the toilet so when she opened the door 'acidentally' she could see my dick. Sure enough, she slid the door open and I never looked up or acted surprised or covered up because I wanted her to know that I wanted her to see my dick. She paused a moment, then said 'Oh excuse me.' Then left. I pissed then grabbed a tissue and left the bathroom and gave it to her, apologizing and explaining why I left the door open a little.
When her Father-in-law died I expressed sympathy for her and she grabbed me and hugged and kissed me. I thought that it was a bit unusul, given that our relationship had always been cordial. It seemed out of place. I took it as another subtle signal. See, there was a legitimate excuse for her to hug and kiss me, right?
Anyways, she did stuff like that all the time. Once, after having a baby boy, she wanted me to look at his penis because she thought the doctor had goofed up the circumcision. This forced us to talk about what a normal circumcised dick looked like and I assured her that it looked OK.
I wanted to fuck her, but I couldn't bring myself to come on to her heavy yet, because I kept having doubts about whether she really wanted it or not and I didn't want her to accuse me of sexuall assault or something. I kept thinking that if she wants me to fuck her why doesn't she give me a clear sign that I couldn't mistake. Then I went through a stage where I thought she was just teasing me and it pissed me off, so I started ignoring her litte teases. This probably only served to make her less likely to do anything again. But she kept up, mildly until I quit doing that business.
About a month or so ago, I was on this site posting another story, when she called. I was alone at home and she wanted to chat. I got butterflies in my stomach and my heart started pounding. She kept saying 'Come over any time.....' I had been over one time and she'd had another baby. A girl this time.
I need to ask everyone here a question, especially the ladies. What's up with this woman? Does she really want me to make a move on her or am I just full of myself, thinking that she really wants me? Or is she just a tease? I really need to know. I'm so aggressive in my fantasies, but when something really happens, I doubt what is hapening and chicken out, giving the other person the idea that I'm rejecting them. I've been told all my life that I'm very attractive to women, but I always doubt it. I'm such a weenie. Damn!
Your comments please.
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