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From the Inside

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Another poster mentioned using a spring inside...here's what I do...

Some years ago I read a story about someone discovering the pleasure while skinny dipping of inserting the long stem of a grass plant into his penis and the resulting feelings as he jacked off.

That intrigued me. So I began experimenting. I discovered the concept of 'sounding' with a solid rod of differing diameters. I tried that, but it wasn't too much fun. I first used the 'skin' of an electrical wire, where the wire was removed. The wire 'skin' wasn't too big (diameter) and then I discovered a foley catheter. I found some gummy fishing worms and with some KY was able to get one way inside, and that too was a nice feeling, and having my girlfriend watch the 'worm' come out of my dick was a turn on for her and she got all wet and I had to 'help' relieve her while she watched.

I was able to order several 16fr size catheters and that was quite exquisite, masturbating with a catheter was something absolutely delightful. There's nothing quite like feeling a catheter slithering down inside your dick and when you hit the prostate, ZOUNDS, it's just awesome.

Realize that this process happened over some months as I stretched the urethrea in small increments and it was not painful. I would use KY jelly and literally squirt it inside my penis and then slide the catheter in. What a strange but exciting feeling. Eventually I was able to get to an FR28 and even an FR30, but the latter wasn't comfortable. I use an FR24 now and it's pretty comfortable. When I use the catheter, I plug the end so I don't get pee all over. Often I use the inflatable type, and I will leave it in for a day or so and really enjoy the feeling on my penis and prostate as it moves around. When I masturbate, the feelings are way out of this world. I had my girlfriend jack me off with a catheter in place and she also got VERY excited. She also gets very turned on if I let her insert the catheter into me, she just cannot get enough some days and once did it while we watched a movie (cannot now recall what the movie was...grin)....

And then one day, I discovered a mini-micro bullet vibrator. The bullet is wired to a controller with variable speed control. The bullet is 3/8 inch in diameter and I wondered if it would fit inside my penis. With some KY in place, it slid in. What a rush that was as the vibrating bullet went inside. I was able to push the bullet inside by just pushing on the wire and in it went!

I demonstrated it with my girlfriend and she was laughing her head off as she jacked me and could feel the vibration deep inside, behind my balls. I love to have the bullet inside and then walk around with it on. It keeps me hard most of the time and often I will just cum as the vibration deep inside triggers several ejaculations.

We did experiment with the vibrator inside my dick and having sex....but that story isn't a masturbation story (but the girlfriend reported one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever had).....

Later...gotta go find my bullet.



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