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Friend's Wife

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I have known of this site for some time, but I never thought I would have a reason to post anything here. I have masturbated for years, always alone or with my former wife, but never had a story to tell about any of it until now.
I had an incredible experience a few weeks ago with the wife of a friend of mine. Derek and I used to work together and have been friends for about four years. He and his wife and my wife and I spent a good deal of time together, hanging out, going to movies, having cookouts. It was cool. Derek's wife, Stephanie, is as cute as they come, and even though I was married, it was tough not to stare at her. She's in her mid 20's, petite little body, really pretty face. Easy to talk to. She's the kind of girl any straight guy wants to meet.
Well, my wife and I separated in December and it really threw me for a loop. I was closer to Derek and Stephanie than my ex was, and they sort of landed on my side as the divorce shook out. And they were really supportive. They never let me just sit at home and get depressed about my marriage ending. A few weeks ago Derek went out of town to meet up with some of his friends from college for a weekend of playing golf and acting like college guys again. He kept asking me to go, and at first glance the idea sounded cool. But I don't really like golf and I've never met any of his college buddies, so it just didn't really interest me. Little did I know what that decision not to go would lead to.
On that Saturday afternoon, I got a call from Stephanie telling me something was screwed up with her car. She went grocery shopping and couldn't get her car started when she came out of the store, so she called me on her cell phone to see if I could come out and give her a jump start. Once we got her car started I followed her home in case she had any more problems. It was only about a five minute trip anyway. Now, this whole time, I'm not thinking anything out of the ordinary. If I was in a bind like that, I'd have called her too. That's what friends are for.
We got to her house and I helped her carry in the groceries and put them away. We sat at the kitchen table and talked a little about the divorce and what was happening. We started making plans to do a cookout for Memorial Day weekend. After a few minutes, I got up to leave and as I was standing at the door she reached out and hugged me, thanking me for helping her out. I caught a glimpse of her as she came at me with her arms open and for a second my brain just went on overload. I'd never so much as laid a finger on her before and now here was this incredibly cute, sexy girl in tight jeans and a snug white T-shirt reaching out to hug me. It had been a good six months since I'd touched a woman and I was instantly hard. Just being alone in the house with her had my senses tingling even though until that moment I had no expectation that I would get to touch her in any way. I tried to keep my hard on from making contact with her, but it happened before I had a chance to avoid it.
I moved to break the embrace pretty quickly, but she didn't back away from me. She looked up at me and smiled and said very sweetly, 'I guess it's been a while, huh?' I told her it had and that I was sorry. I was still totally prepared to walk out the door, but she just said it was okay and put her arms back around me and hugged me close again. There was no hiding it this time. I was completely hard and pressing into her belly.
For a few seconds we just stood there like that. It felt so good, I probably could have cum just from that. Her belly was warm. I could feel her perky little B-cups pressed against me. I told her it felt really good to hug someone again. Her response shocked the hell out of me. She said 'I can't give you everything you want, but I think I can do something nice for you.' She told me to sit on the living room couch. A few seconds later, she came into the living room with a bottle of lotion. She sat down next to me on the couch and said 'We can keep this between us, right?' I just nodded to her. I couldn't think of anything to say. She undid my pants, pulling them and my underwear down all at once. She gave my cock a brief squeeze and then grabbed the lotion and poured a big blob of it onto me. It felt nice and cool as it hit my skin. I'd never used lotion before, so it was a new sensation. She sat to my right and put her left arm around my shoulders and reached for my cock with her right hand. She slowly started stroking me up and down and leaned over and whispered in my ear 'Just relax.'
It was incredible. She was almost painfully slow to start and she gradually sped up. The lotion made her hand just glide up and down with no effort. Someone, somewhere along the line showed this girl how to give a really good handjob because she knew exactly what she was doing. Everywhere she squeezed, the amount of pressure she used, it was all perfect. Every so often she'd ask me if it felt good. I was just sitting there with my head tilted back. It was amazing. Finally my orgasm started to build in me and her hand was just flying up and down. I looked over at her and her pretty face was right there next to my shoulder and she smiled at me and that was it. My cum totally exploded all over the place. She continued her grip around my cock until she could sense the waves of pleasure had subsided and then kissed my cheek. I looked at her and told her I didn't know what to say. She told me it was OK and that I didn't have to say anything. After a minute or two she got up and got stuff to clean up with including a wet dishtowel she used to wipe the lotion off me.
Before I left, we both agreed again that the whole thing would remain our secret. I don't know if anything like it will happen again. Believe me, I want to return the favor. But I feel guilty about being intimate with my friend's wife like that. At the cookout we had for Memorial Day, she was totally cool with me. At one point while I was standing over the grill making burgers and hot dogs she came over to tell me who wanted what and when I looked up at her she smiled and gave me a wink. Who knows. Maybe it will happen again. If not, at least I know I like lotion now.



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