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Friends Sisters Panties

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First experience sniffing panties


I had been noticing a few things at my buddies house. First of course was his sister, 14 at the time, smoking hot brunette with blue eyes and nice size boobs, long legs and cute feet. (I have a foot fetish as well.) I'd also been noticing where the family laundry hamper was, the bathroom, so I connected some dots.

We'll call my buddies sister Katie for this. Katie was quite a good soccer player, so an idea occurred to me. The day of her next game, I was hanging with my bud, we were chilling, listening to some music, kicking some video game ass etc. Anyway I waited for Katie to get home from her game, at which time she hit the showers. Once she was out, I was waiting at the bathroom door, with the excuse of having to piss. I winked at her and asked her what took so long, she slugged me on the arm and said I'd bet you wish you knew. I didn't dispute that, we half flirted quite often.

Anyway once in the bathroom I locked up and went to the hamper. On top were the close she was wearing before her shower. With shaking hands I moved her shirt and shorts out of the way and grabbed her panties. I was already hard with anticipation. I brought her panties to my face and pressed my nose against the crotch, breathing deeply through the fabric. I'd never smelled pussy at this point, so this was quite arousing. It was a mixture of girl sweat and pussy, and even though I'd never smelled it before it's just something you know, it had something unmistakeably feminine and sexy to it. I was stroking myself by this point.

As I mentioned, I have a foot fetish, so I couldn't resist grabbing her socks as well. I turned them inside out and put the toe part up to my nose, again smelling deeply. It was a very different scent from her panties, but still very sexy and again distinctly female. The smell wasn't as strong as I had hoped, but was still very hot and enough to bring me right to the edge.

To finish off, I grabbed her other sock, and put it and her panties on the vanity. I smelled her one sock while licking inside her panties from the spot where her pretty ass was a few minutes ago up to the crotch, while I had the other sock around my cock stroking with it, her damp sweat feeling wonderful on my dick. Finally her sexy foot scent and the taste of her pussy was just to much, and I spurted a big load into her sock. I hadn't really figured on what to do afterward, and hadn't cared. I ended up rinsing her sock them pat drying as best I could on the towel, then putting it in the bottom of the hamper to hopefully air dry before it was discovered.

I had some much better experiences with Katie after this, so stick around and I might just right those up.



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