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Friend's Sister in Hot Bikini

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When I was 15 years old, I would hang out at the local swimming pool during the summer with my friend Don. I would go to his house each afternoon and we would walk to the pool. We talked about the hot babes we saw there and how we would like to be alone with them.

On one occasion when I knocked on his door to pick him up his sister Amy answered the door and told me Don had gone with their father to the baseball game. Amy was 17 years old at the time. She said 'it's a double hitter and they won't be back until later this evening.' She must have seen my disappointment and asked, 'do you want to ride with me to the pool Tom?' I said 'I guess so, it beats walking,' but thought to myself that it wouldn't be much fun without Don to talk to. She had me wait in the living room and said she needed to change and get a towel to take with her. When she came downstairs from her room she had on the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen her wear. She asks, 'how do you like my new bikini?' All I could get out was, 'it looks ok to me', but in my mind I thought how hot she looked, as she ran her hands down the side of her hips and turned around to model it for me. I got a mild erection right then and there. She looked down at it, and with a coy smile on her face said, 'Shall we get going?'

When we got to the pool I jumped right in, as I loved to swim and it was a relief from the hot humid day. Amy found some of her girl friends there and laid out on her towel with them. I would glance at them from time to time and see them rubbing sun tan lotion on each other and hear them laughing with one another. As they lay on their towels I couldn't help but notice how great Amy looked in her new bikini. As she laid on her back with her legs slightly parted, I could see up to the crotch of her bikini. Wow! What a turn on. The thoughts going through my mind gave me a hard on that wouldn't go away. Shortly after this the pool was closed down, because of a storm that had blown in. I had to jump out of the water and grabbed my towel as fast as I could, to try and hide my erection.

She said she would give me a ride home since it was going to rain, but that she wanted to change at her house first. She invited me in and asked if I wanted some cookies and milk while she went to change. I said, 'Sure, that would be great.' She got the cookies from the cupboard and then opened the fridge to get the milk. She bent down to get it from the lower shelf and the sight of her butt in that bikini got me hard again. I was sitting on a barstool and as she walked towards me she noticed my worked up state. I turned beet red and wanted to just get up and run. She moved to within a foot from me and put her hand on my thigh, and said 'I noticed you looking at me all afternoon in my new bikini and getting turned on.' All I could do is look down to the floor and mumble, 'yes.' It was then that she leaned into me and lightly kissed me on the cheek and placed her hand on my swimsuit and squeezed my penis. 'Girls wear sexy bikinis to get attention from the boys and I see I got yours.' 'Now I want to help you with the effect I have on you.' I knew what she meant, but played dumb to what she said. 'Come with me and I'll show you what I mean.'

We went to her room where she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. This was the first time I had ever touched a girl's breast. Next she had reached behind her and untied her top. As she dropped it to the floor my penis was about to explode. Now she said I had to take my swimsuit off. As I did she said, 'I have a treat for you that will take care of the problem you have.' She had me lay down on her bed and then she sat down beside me and put her hand around my shaft and slowly started to stroke it. My breath came in short bursts and I felt her other hand cup my balls and rub them back and forth.

'This won't take long with the state you're in now.' She went to her nightstand and reached for what looked like a hand cream and put some on my dick. 'Here we go' she said and started to pump me at a fast pace. 'Let it go, I want to see you cum'. 'Relax, and let it all go, cum, cum, cum, for me now Tom.' That was all it took, ten seconds, seeing her breasts bouncing up and down, her hand pumping up and down on my shaft, I lifted my hips up and started to cum all over my stomach and her hands.

I finally came down after what seemed to last for 30 seconds. Amy stroked me until my penis went soft. She had a smile on her face and said, 'That didn't take long.' I agreed with a silly laugh and tried to cover myself with my hands. She asked me to stay on the bed, then stood up and hooked her thumbs in her bottoms and pulled them off. That was the first time I had seen a pussy, except in pictures. She said she needed help too. I had never heard of girls masturbating. As she lay down next to me she planted a wet kiss on my lips. Her breast mashing against my chest started to get me turned on again. She took my hand and showed my how to rub her clit. She had me go ever so lightly as first and then had me speed up and apply more pressure. I could feel her mound getting firmer and the lips on her pussy becoming fuller. My hand was starting to get tired after five minutes, but she encouraged me to keep going. Pretty soon she started to gasp for air and said, 'go faster, go a litter harder.' Her hips started to buck against my hand. She took my hand and guided to just the right place she wanted. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeeeeeess ah, ah, f-u-c-k, I'm cumming oh, oh, oh, Tom, don't stop, don't slow down'.

As she came down she looked at me and said, 'Thanks Tom, I needed that. She then reached for the cream from her nightstand again. She smiled once more and said, 'Let's get you off once more and this time we'll go nice and slow so you can enjoy it'. This time I lasted for five minutes as she jacked me off while rubbing her tits against my chest, kissed me on the neck and whispered 'come for Amy, come for Amy'. As I came this time she kissed me on the lips, then looked at my swollen dick saying 'Good boy, good boy, you did it for Amy.'

We go together every time her brother and father went to a home game double hitter that summer. She made me promise never to say anything to anyone about what we did, even to Don. She taught me how to use a vibrator on her and showed me how to get off by jacking off between her breasts. This lasted until she went off to college this past fall. I hope we can get together when she comes back for the summer and baseball season starts up again.



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