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Friends on Webcam

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Like most other people around my age, I have talked to and become friends with a few people online and cam with some of them, but one in particular I talk to all the time. Most nights we get on and talk for a couple hours about anything, but this night was different.

When we logged on, both of us were shirtless, which was perfectly normal for that time of night. I noticed he was staring a lot more at the screen than normal, but I thought nothing of it until he had to get up. I guess it somehow slipped his mind, but he had to get out of his chair and walk across his room, and when he did I saw he was completely naked and had an erection. The whole time he was standing, it was right there, sticking out and curved a little upwards. When he sat back down, I asked him if he was watching porn and he asked me why, and I told him because usually if I'm not, my penis stays soft. He smiled and leaned his head back, then told me he didn't think his cam was aimed that low. He then said he was and sent me the link of what he was watching.

I looked at it for a minute and he asked me if I was naked too, and I said I wasn't. He said I should be but I wasn't sure, then he said that it was only fair. He was right, so I took off my pajama pants and tossed them behind me, then slid off my underwear, held them up front of me then dropped them. He then told me to stand up, and with my heart pounding, I scooted back and stood up with my wet erection right in front of the camera. He laughed and told me to harness that thing, then said it looked about the same size as his, a hair over six inches.

We talked about that porn for a couple minutes, then he said he really needed to cum. I told him he should go ahead and do it there, and he agreed, but only if I did too. I said I would, so we pointed our cams down so we could see each others' penis, then both started stroking. We were both telling each other how good it felt and how close we were getting, but eventually it stopped and we just focused on our masturbating. He came first, shooting a massive load on his chest. The cum kept going, leaving thick, white streaks all over him. After he came he just sat there, hands to his sides with his penis bobbing around before softening and resting in a puddle of cum. After all of this I was ready to blow, so I moved the cam and scooted forward and pointed my cock out, letting rope after rope of cum spew out before I stopped stroking, letting the goo flow out and hang there from my cock head.

He told me that his felt amazing and that he hasn't felt an orgasm like that in a long time, and I hadn't either. We cleaned ourselves up but stayed naked, adjusted the cams and talked for a little while longer before going to bed. Since then we have jacked off a few more times together, but most of the time it doesn't go any further than just seeing each other naked.



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