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Friend's Mum The Teacher

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My best friend's mum was a teacher at the school we both went to, which made a visit to their house very interesting...


My best friend Pete's mum was a teacher at the school we both attended. I'd known Linda most of my life and, like many teenage boys with their friend's mothers, had a crush on her. She was small and petite, with short dark hair and glasses. I often found myself staring at her legs in class and getting hard under the desk at the sight of her shapely legs in the pale black tights she often wore.

A few years after we left school, I was at Pete's house one Friday night when his parents were away for the weekend, we talked til about one in the morning, then Pete went to bed. He told me I could sleep on the sofa if I didn't want to walk home so late, or if I wanted, lie down on his parents bed. I couldn't believe my luck! I went in to Linda and John's bedroom and just lay on top of the bed for a while, then crept out into the hallway - I could hear Pete snoring and knew he was sound asleep. Heart pounding, I went back into his parents bedroom and closed the door. I opened the top drawer of the chest against the wall, and found to my delight that it was Linda's underwear drawer. I looked at her bras, her black tights like the ones I'd gazed at her in so often at school, her panties, a pair of stockings and a basque, and then at the bottom of the drawer, found an envelope.

I gingerly took the envelope out and looked inside it. Two photographs were inside. I took them out and found that the top one was a picture of Linda sitting cross-legged on a beach, presumably on holiday, smiling at the camera, topless. My dick got hard almost instantly - its not every day you see one of your school teacher's boobs, is it? I started at the picture, looking at Linda's small, slightly saggy breasts, with their wide areolae and thick nipples and then flicked to the next photo. This one had been taken in a bedroom, and showed Linda on all fours on top of a bed, wearing a white bra and panties, but the panties were pulled up so tight that you could see the imprint of her vagina lips. Puffs of dark hair stuck out of the sides of the panties.

I put the photos down on the bed, stripped naked and lay down, my penis rock hard and began to masturbate, staring at the pictures in aroused amazement. It didn't take long before I ejaculated, rolling on to my back to avoid getting strings of cum on the pics or bedclothes. I put the pictures back in the envelope and carefully put it back where I found it and crawled under the duvet to go to sleep.

Next morning, I awoke naked and hard in Linda and John's bed, and dug out the pics for another quick look, to make sure I hadn't imagined the whole thing. I wanked to a tumultuous orgasm again, this time with a pair of Linda's panties draped over my erection, again careful not to get any semen on them. Later on that day I went home with the memories of Linda's tiny boobs and pubic hair fresh in my mind.

A few weeks later, I bumped into her and John at the local shopping centre, and as we stood chatting for a few minutes, I kept thinking of the photos I'd seen, and how I shot my load with her black panties draped over my cock. The thought that she might be wearing those very panties got me so hard while I was speaking to her that I though she would notice my erection, but she didn't seem to. After we said goodbye, I walked away through the crowded shopping centre with my stiff penis straining at my blue jeans, and I was so turned on that I didn't care who seen it - I noticed a girl staring at my crotch at one point, it just got me even harder, and I went home and wanked myself to a huge orgasm again.

Even now, all this time later, I still get hard thinking of Linda's naughty pics!



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