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Friends Cousin

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I think I was about 15


One night I was at my friends house staying over and we were outside playing hide and seek. It was me, Tom his brothers and sister Janey, and girl cousin, Angie.

Angie is who the story is about. She was about a year older than me kinda round with light skin but big boobs. Janey had evidently told her of our encounters previous and ongoing.

I think Janey was it and as we were running to hide Angie asked me where I was hiding. I told her the ditch and she asked if she could hide with me I told her yes so we ran down there. It was behind the house a ways and was about four feet deep with tall grass all the way along, kind of out of bounds of where we were playing.

As soon as we got there she said Janey told me you touched her. I was in shock so I stammered. She interupted it's ok I just wanted to see if we could do something. I said sure she said you want me to jack you off? I said sure I'll rub you ok? She said great slide your shorts down. I pushed them down past my rapidly hardening dick. It was dark so we couldn't really see much so she reached out and put her hand on it. It wasn't fully hard yet but as soon as she gently squeezed it it was. She said nice Janey said the head was fat. She said want to touch my tits? I jumped at that and grabbed one in each hand they were the biggest I had ever felt.

She had began to stroke me now but it was kind of awkward playing with her boobs this way so I asked her to turn around. She did and I slid my hands under her shirt and pushed up the bra, groping away. She had taken my very stiff cock in her hand again. The boobs were nice but I wanted to see how her pussy felt so I ran my hand down her panties and stretch shorts with no resistance from them or her.

I immediately noticed the huge amount of pubic hair she had and knew it would be red. Down to the slit since she was heavy she had a very fat puss but it was completely soaked. My finger easily ran up and down it. I stepped further to her side to reach deeper and she moaned and spread further inviting me to enter her wet hole it felt as if it was on fire. I dragged her wetness to the top where Janey had showed me to rub her and felt a pea sized nub, as I touched it she gasped and gripped my cock harder.

Then I realised I wasn't getting much attention then she spit in her hand and rubbed it on my cock. So I rubbed up and down over her nub making her squirm. She couldn't jack me very good so she started to rub the head against her leg continuing to add spit every little bit. I think she could tell I was gonna cum from my stiffening movements. She blurted out faster yea right there as I spurted my load onto her leg and hand she grunted and squeezed her legs together shuddering hard. I'm not shure that she didn't squirt just a little or squeezed out a lot of lube because it got very very wet down there all of a sudden.

After we settled a few seconds she said wow that was great, licking my cum from her hand. I sniffed my hand and it smelled wonderful but I didn't lick it off. She said shit you came all the way down to my socks. She was kind of mad, she pushed my cum off her leg and wiped it in the grass. I later found I had come on my shorts too, biggest load so far.

We agreed we should get back so we did on wobbly legs. When we got there they asked where we were so I said one place, she said another. Janey looked at me and just smiled real big. She and I had a little fun later.



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