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It all started with my friend Mark. I'll say right off the bat that he has a really good looking body, not that I had ever thought of him in any way but a friend! I had seen his body many times before because we were on the same football team and had to shower after games.

After one particular game, we had won, the team went into the locker room to shower. As usual there was a lot of yelling, high fives and talk of a celebration party over at another teammates house. I overheard Mark declining the offer to go and asked him why. All he said was that he needed to go home. I didn't question him any further. He asked me if I wanted to spend the night and I said yes. He said I could use his phone when we got to his house. When we got there and I called my parents and 'forgot' to mention that Mark's parents were out of town.

After a few hours of video games and pizza Mark asked me if he could talk to me. Being a good friend I agreed. He then told me that he had just broken up with his girlfriend, Tammy. It was really too bad because they had been together for a real long time. The rest of the night I tried to comfort him, putting my arm around his shoulder (man he was good looking!!) and stuff. I started to rub his back and for some reason caught myself looking at his butt. I couldn't believe myself! I stopped immediately.

We then went to bed in his queen-sized mattress. I was okay with this, sleeping together. We had slept in the same bed lots of times before when either of us would spend the night. I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed. I remember looking up at him, getting a hard-on seeing his rock hard body shining in the light. He slipped into bed. I tried to make conversation but he just wouldn't respond fully enough so I just went to sleep.

About an hour later I felt his breath on my neck. I turned around and saw that his eyes were closed so I assumed that he was asleep. He then put his arm around me and nudged closer. I didn't know what to do! I realized that in his unconsciousness he must have been thinking I was Tammy. Thinking that it might help him get over her I let him continue to snuggle with me. I felt my breathing increase and my semi-boned cock got even harder. I reached out my hand and put it on his shoulder. I felt his tough, masculine bones and smiled. I ran my hand down to his chest and began to feel his hard football player nipples. I was in admiration. His body was so cut and hot I couldn't help it! I reached down to his crotch and started rubbing his cock through his boxer briefs. I could feel that he had a boner as well. This must have triggered something because he moved his hand down my chest and began playing with my nipples. I focused on his face. So perfect. So handsome! I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. To my surprise he opened his eyes and kissed me back, slightly probing his tongue into my mouth. I forgot his crotch for a second and wrapped one arm underneath his back and one behind his head. I rolled over on top of him and made out with him for a long time. I loved the feeling of our tongues rubbing against each other and his inside my mouth.

He reached over me and slipped his hand underneath my boxers and started rubbing my butt. He then pushed me off of him and ripped off my boxers and pulled down his. That's the first (but not last) time I saw Mark's uncut cock erect. It was so beautiful. He saw me staring and told me it was six and a half inches long. He grabbed my six inch cock and started pumping it. It felt so good, I was in ecstasy! I grabbed his and was surprised at how thick it was and did the same. I guess I was more effective because he soon let go of my cock and rolled off of me. I then sat on top of his thighs with our throbbing cocks touching. I pumped harder and he began to moan. He moaned and moaned until he finally cummed. I had accidentally had his cock facing straight upward and his hot cum hit me right in the chest and stomach. I laid down beside him and started wiping off his sweet smelling cum. He stopped me and licked off the rest of his cum that was on my chest. We made out some more and it was even better than before with the taste of Mark's cum still in his mouth. He then realized that I still wasn't finished and began going at me with a vengeance. He pumped me harder than any of my girlfriends had. I shot all over his hand and on my chest. He licked that off too. We then fell asleep, locked in each other's arms, dicks rubbing together and the smell of cum radiating from our bodies.

When we woke up we took a shower together and masturbated a few more times before I left. Now it's hard not to get a boner whenever I see Mark in the shower after games. I'm sure there's more to come! I hope you liked my story!



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