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Friend Surprise

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Story happened back when I was 14 with my friend from my class.


Back when I was 14 I became close with a friend from the class that I wasn't so good with before. He was always some kind of a bully in school and we weren't talking. One time we even got into a fight because he was teasing me. He taught me he was ''THE MAN'' in class. One time during Biology class in 6th grade he took his cock out and was sitting with it almost the whole class. Pulling the foreskin and showing his cock head and during Physical class he would take a piss in with his door wide opened and stuff like that.

He lived a few blocks away from me, we barely talked. One occasion we started talking about gym in school and got to the agreement that we should go to the gym together since we're both interested in it. So we exchanged phone numbers and msn (msn was popular back then). After a few days talking via internet and phone we decided to go to that gym. So we met one afternoon and went to gym to do our first training there. Everything was fine. We did a couple of trainings in that first week and we really became good friends. When you come to the gym you have to go to the men's dressing room to change for training and leave your stuff. I noticed that he was kind of interested in my body. Because every time I took my pants off he would look at my boxers and my body, but I didn't say anything.

One day we were working on our legs and we were bored a bit. He asked me if I got my phone on me, could I give it to him so he could ring his mother for lunch. I gave it to him. He was on this machine...I don't know how to call it. It's a press for legs and you have to lay down on it and press some weight up with your legs. He was laying there with my phone. After he rang his mother he was searching something on my phone. I was right next to him on a another workout machine, and just when I was about to ask him to give me my phone back...he asked me. ''Do you have any porn on it?''. I made a pause and said no. And I really had none. So he gave me my phone back and said I could watch really watch some porn now. He stood up and went to next exercise. After that we went to a bench press. I went first and while I was working he was next to me and he seemed sleepy and bored. He started to stretch and in that stretching and yawning he went with his hand and with the tip of his finger moved my shirt a bit up. Like he wanted to see my body. I did not say anything after that. We did a couple of exercises after that and went home.

Next day he rang me and told me to come and pick him up so we can go to gym again, but he will take a shower so I should just enter. He said he would leave it unlocked. I went to his flat. Opened the door. I heard the shower going. His boxers were in front of the bathroom and the bathroom door were opened. He yelled...''Come on in, I'm in the shower''. I peeked in the bathroom and there we was in the bathtub showering with the curtain on and peeking with his head out. He said come on in so I can talk to you while I shower. It was a bit weird for me but deep in side of me I was happy because I wanted to see his dick again. I'm not gay actually but I was interested in size and shape at the age of 14, and I guess we wanted something similar too. So I sat there on the toilet and we talked about school and stuff. And some friends. While he was showering he would peek now and then with his head to say something and then went back. I was a bit embarrassed sitting there so...when he finished with talking I stood up and went to his room. Just when I came to the room he would call me back. He told me...don't go. Stay here so we can talk. So I was standing there in the bathroom next to the door and talking to him about some other friends from school. And he stopped the water. Reached for the towel with his hand and then moved the curtain but he kept on talking like everything was normal.

He started wiping his wet naked body but covering his privates all the time. I couldn't keep eye contact all the time so my eyes went to his hands rubbing his dick with the towel. I was actually begging in side of me to see his dick. But I tried not to look down and keep eye contact as much as I can. After a few minutes he was already dry and now was the time to put on his boxers on...but they were in front of the bathroom on the floor. I couldn't be there any more without looking at his body and his hands on his dick so I turned around and said...''I'll be waiting for you in your room''. And I went there. I was all red I felt like i have a temperature. He came to the room with the towel around him and his boxers in his hand. He put them on the floor again and sat next to me on his bed. He said ''wooh that was good. You know what...let's not go to the gym today and hang out here...I'm alone all day.'' I said ok...what are we gonna do? He said: ''Hmmm I don't know I have some porn on a computer and I didn't jerk off today. Did you?'' When he said that I knew we wanted the same thing and that I don't have to pretend anymore. All this was a show for me so I would do something with him. So I said to myself...what the hell...I'll do it.

I said to him no I didn't jerk off today and I could do it, I'm horny too. He said cool...wanna see me first. I said ok. He took his towel off and exposed his rock hard banana shape cock that pointed up. I said to him....''wooow I have the same shape''. He was happy like a little kid. He said ''NO WAY...take your clothes off...let' see it. I took not only my pants but all of my clothes. He was all red in face too. We forgot to turn on porn...we actually didn't need any because we were horny as hell. We set on his bed completely naked next to each other. And started jerking off slowly. We were so close that our legs were touching and that made us rock hard. We had almost the same dicks. We were stroking our cocks for some time and than he suggested we switch hands. So we did...he was stroking mine and I was stroking his. It felt amazing. He then asked me If I could finish him because he can't hold it anymore and that he would do it to me after he cums. I agreed we switched sides so I can stroke his cock with my right hand. And I started jerking him off. I would pull his foreskin all the way back and then spit in my hand and stroke his whole dick. He was moaning hard. After 5 minutes of that...he came 5 ropes of cum. 2 landed on his face, one on my cheek as I was close to him, and the rest landed on my hand and his chest. He was very pleased with it. He did it to me too but he used his cum as a lube.

When I said I'm gonna cum, he placed his head on mine...cheek to cheek so I would hit him with my cum. I came about 8 ropes that landed also on my face and his...most of it and the rest all over our bodies. We relaxed on the bed after that. We were naked laying there for hour and a half and then we got hard again and did it all over again. It was amazing. I still get hard when I remember that day. We did it once a week for a month. Than he moved to another city. Hope you enjoyed my experience as a 14-year old.



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