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French Class

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French class
I read some where, I believe it was this site, that girls can get off just by rubbing their thighs together, and they bounce their foot around to hide it. Now, when ever I saw a girl bouncing her foot I would wonder if she was getting herself off or not, but I could never tell. Well, a few days ago in French class I could.
Well, I walked into my French class and she was talking with a few people, and I noticed, even with her bra on, her nipples were standing out quite a lot. This is not the first time I had seen this obviously, but it was one of the hints that she was horny for what happened later. She sat down at her desk right next to me and crossed her legs, and started bouncing her foot. At first it was just that casual bounce most females do when they cross their legs, but then, instead on bouncing up and down, she went more in a side to side fashion, and you could clearly see her hips moving back and forth on each other. By now I was curious and started paying a little attention to her. She stopped for a few seconds, and one of her hands went to her face and she started rubbing her chin, and running her hand through her hair, but not normally, like she was putting force into it. Anyway, she then returned to her 'bouncing' and starting going pretty damn fast if you ask me, and I could swear I heard a moan come from her mouth, not loud or anything, but still a moan.
Well, I forgot my text book that day, and had to share with her after, she moved over a tad, but kept going, the only difference now was both her hands were right on her crotch, one over the other, almost like she was trying to hind the hand on the bottom. I couldn't see if she was doing anything with her bottom hand, but I didn't care. She kept going for awhile, then stopped and rubbed her chin again, then started with her legs again.
I am still unsure if she was actually getting off, even though I think she was. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if she was actually going at it in class, because I'd really like to know. My e-mail is



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