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Foreskin Fun

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Overhearing a conversation between my son and his best friend reminded me of a night with my best friend 'Mike', his brother 'Kevin', and another friend 'Jerry'.


I always felt odd being uncircumcised when everyone I knew had been circumcised at birth. I also felt out of place since I started getting pubic hair just after I turned 9 and all my friends were hairless until a few years later. I started masturbating daily when I was 10 and figured that was just another thing I'd have to keep secret, not knowing if anyone else ever did it that much, if at all.

This all changed when I was 12. I was having a sleepover with my best friend 'Mike', his younger brother 'Kevin' and Kevins best friend 'Jerry'. We had been playing all day outside in the mud after a rain and my Mom shooed us all into the shower in our pool house to get clean before dinner. Our pool house was a converted garage set off from the house with a large living room area, small kitchen, and bathroom with a large tiled shower without doors so it was easy to hose out. Since we had all known each other since we were babies and had bathed together before this wasn't out of the ordinary to do this together but we hadn't done it in ages. We all stripped and spent an awkward moment kind of checking each other out but soon showered and were dressing again for dinner. Then went back out to the pool house to play board games (no cable or video games back then) and with my Dad's insistence got ready for bed after a few hours. We stripped to our briefs and laid out our sleeping bags next to each other side by side. Chatted about nothing for a bit and then Jerry asks out of the blue if any of us have ever 'made milk' yet.

At first none of us knew what he was talking about since Jerry danced around the subject until he finally told us how his older brother would rub his penis until it shot out this white stuff. Jerry had tried it but couldn't do it yet, his brother explaining he wasn't old enough yet. Knowing now what he was talking about I began to feel weird and didn't want to admit I did it too. Mike broke the ice and said he could. Not wanting to be outdone and finally knowing I wasn't alone I said I could too. Kevin and Jerry wanted to see and after Mike and I said we'd do it at the same time, we went for it. We didn't touch each other but laid side by side and in about a minute or so of furious stroking shot off with both Jerry and Kevin watching closely. Mike and I then made the two of them try and even though they did orgasm, it was dry. In hindsight it was fun, a bonding experience, but not like I did when I was alone and took my time. I just wanted to get it over with.

After we were all done we ended up chatting again about mostly nothing and dozed off. We didn't talk about what we did but our friendship seemed closer than before. I finally knew that my friends enjoyed the same thing that I thought was my 'dirty little secret'. This story doesn't include much about foreskin fun but that's for the next (and last) chapter.



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