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Forbidden Pleasure

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I'm tall, blonde with a semi athletic build and I love being horny. I've been masturbating since I knew what to do and have had some pretty interesting experiences over the years. Last night was by far one of the most interesting, kinky and most satisfying event in my 'solo career'


Yesterday was a pretty lazy day and after a shower I was feeling kinda frustrated and restless, my plan of rubbing one out to soothe my morning horniness had just left me more horny. So to try and take my mind off of things I decided to unpack some boxes in the attic, it just turned out the first box I decided to open was full of old doctors equipment, my grandfather had been a doctor and this was what was left of his tools. I fiddled with a stethoscope, paged through some notes and then came across an interesting looking stainless steel box. Curiosity killed the cat, and I'm the cat.

Inside this box was a strange looking black bulb made from rubber, it only took a few seconds to realise that what I held in my hands was an old fashioned enema pump. Not thinking much of it continued to rummage and came across the rest of the enema's attachments. This was when the thoughts started sinking in; What was it like to actually have something like this going up inside you? Did it hurt? What about all those people who say they really enjoy it?

I'm not really sure what set it off but within a few minutes I found myself in the kitchen giving the attachments a clean. They had obviously been cleaned before being stored, but if somethings going inside me I want to be sure it's clean. I set everything up in the bathroom, running some warm water in a basin.

So I started by going to the toilet. Pretty standard. And then I slowly inserted the tube into my ass. Putting it in felt pretty wierd. But not bad. So I gave the bulb a little squeeze OH MY GOD! I could feel every drop of warm water enter me. I had never dreamed of a sensation like that! So I slipped the tube out and let the water run out. (Is this what it feels like when women pee? If so they're kinda lucky)

I repeated the process a few more times, each time getting considerably more horny. After about the fourth flush I was oozing precum from my throbbing hardon. I couldn't resist the urge any longer. I had to find out what pleasures lay hidden in my ass. I lay out a towel, propped up a mirror and grabbed some lotion. I'm pretty flexible and I never thought it would be useful in this situation, but being able to put your legs behind your head allows for some pretty clear viewing if you have a mirror. So I'm in this position and I begin fingering myself slowly. At first I could only get one finger in but as I began to pump my finger feverishly into myself I couldn't help but notice that the more I wanted and liked it the more open I became. It wasn't long before I had three fingers all the way in and was flicking them around deep inside me. It was then that the strangest thing happened. My asshole and everything inside just seemed to open up. My ass seemed to be begging for more and I was agreeing. I slowly let my fingers slide out and was mesmerized by my gaping hole. I lubed up both my hands and slid a finger of each hand in fingered myself for a short while and then began spreading my hole as much as I could. I could feel myself stretching open, it felt amazing. I tried this for a while and then fingered myself with three fingers again.

As I fingered faster my heart raced faster, my whole body was tingling. I couldn't believe I was having an orgasm from fingering myself. My cock was rock hard and quite literally dripping precum. I needed more. I wanted to go deeper. And I had the perfect idea. A quick trip to the fridge had me equipped with a cucumber. PERFECT! I grabbed the lotion and headed for my bed. I lay on my side and with one hand I spread my butt cheeks and slowly pushed the cucumber into myself. As it went deeper I twisted and paused and then continued to take it deeper. When it was about eight inches in I backed it up and started again. Each stroke in was a little faster than the last. I was fucking myself, and I couldn't stop. I was moaning and gasping, I was sweating and I was in heaven. My hole was twitching and sucking and oozing. I could feel a familiar pressure arising but from a totally new place. . . I was gonna cum from my ass. I sped up, I had to experience this.

I slid the cucumber halfway out and started swirling it around and around. Sucking, slurping and slapping sounds filled the room along with my cooing and moaning. . . And then it came. My balls clenched, a hot flush burst inside my ass, my prostate tightened and twitched and I CAME. . Not only did my cock send ropes of hot cum everywhere but I actually came with my asshole. It was thick and clear and there was a lot of it. It squirted out of me as I pulled the cucumber from my hole, which was twitching open and closed to the timing of my cumming. My whole pelvic area was on fire with ecstacy. I was exhausted but totally satisfied. I had never imagined that possible. I slowly drifted off into a post orgasm slumber and slept like a baby.

My first anal experience was pretty amazing, and it won't be my last.

Thanks for reading. Have fun. I know I do.



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