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Forbidden Passage

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Forbidden Passage
Dear Webmaster-bator, I have read many stories about solo masturbation on your wonderful, informative website. They have never failed to turn me on. I have read how some women use just their fingers, or masturbate in other ways which include vibrators, household items, even vegetables and of course the shower bath.
I believe that I have found a way to masturbate that is unique, Let me explain with a little true story.
My first experience was mutual masturbation with a wonderful man who enjoyed watching me masturbate while he was giving himself pleasure at the same time. There was no pressure to have partner sex and I appreciated his sensitive and restraint.
Because he was a traveling man I only saw him one day a month but that was enough to convince me that I enjoyed the thrill of masturbating with some one watching me.
As the months grew into our first year together I felt more comfortable with him and soon I found that I wanted to become more intimate with him. . Letting him touch my breasts and suck on my nipples as I played with myself got me so hot I would orgasm quickly.
One thing led to another and we were soon performing oral sex on one another. At this point there had been no mention of penetration so it remained just masturbation and oral sex.
One day the golden opportunity came where we had a whole week of being able to be together every evening. The sex we enjoyed was beyond my wildest imagination and each night we found new ways to pleasure ourselves and each other.
On the last day of our extended time together he confided that he had a fantasy and would I mind doing it with him. Of course I agreed and it turned out to be the most exciting experience I have ever had.
He wanted me to use his very hard penis for my masturbation tool. I was to rub his cock on my clitoris and use it to make myself orgasm. This was a feeling that I can not describe. It was the ultimate way to make myself cum while giving him the feeling of being close to his own orgasm. It was fantastic.
At first , when I had orgasmed enough he would withdraw his penis from my clit and then bring himself to climax as I resumed masturbating myself. Needless to say his cock and my pussy had other thoughts and before long his magnificent cock found it's way into my vagina and we abandoned all thoughts of masturbating as we fucked and I found that I could respond with even stronger vaginal orgasms.
He still withdraws before he climaxes but now he gives me the pleasure of taking him into my hands to bring him to fulfillment as I watch him spurt his beautiful white cream over my fingers.
I do not know if it is true solo masturbation when I use his penis as my masturbation tool but it is the best feeling I have ever felt no matter what it is called. If you want a feeling that is out of this world I suggest you try this way.
I found that from watching each other masturbate we grew more venturesome as we tried different ways to use our mouth and tongue and his penis as a masturbation tool. Our pleasure grew each time he visited me and we explored the many ways we could excite and tantalize our senses.
There remained only the one part of his body that I had not explored with my fingers and mouth. I had even gone as far as to lick and kiss the " taint " spot, that delicious place halfway between his scrotal sac and his anus. But, I had never actually touched his anal opening until just two weeks ago.
I was intrigued by that closed, puckered place that seemed so tempting but I felt I must have permission to explore it further. I read the admonitions and the techniques and I felt that if I were to venture into his forbidden place then I should be prepared to do it right. I did not want to put him off by my inept fumbling.
I decided that our next visit would be the time when I would venture to enter him and join with him in his ultimate climax. I did not ask permission but somehow I think he knew that I desired to know him deeper than ever before.
After he had given me pleasure with many climaxes it was time for him enjoy his own orgasm. I chose to lean over him from the side this time where before I had always faced him as I held his penis in my hand to stroke him to orgasm.
I applied a generous dollop of lube and sliding my hand down beneath his beautiful balls I cupped them briefly in my hand and then slid my fingers down until my middle finger came to rest on his anus. The moment was with me. This was it. I gently stroked around his anal opening and when I felt him relax I eased my finger inside the ring of muscles that guards his opening. I felt no resistance so I pushed again and soon I was in the warm closeness of his passage. Reaching into him the length of my finger I found the place where I thought his prostate should be located. He told me, between gasps of breath, that I was indeed at the right spot. He asked me if he could masturbate himself to orgasm while I was inside of him. I told him yes, I wanted to watch him spurt his cum while I pressed deeper into his anus. It was fast becoming a very emotional moment for both of us as I was deep inside him while his fingers stroked his penis faster and harder that ever before. Suddenly I knew what he felt when he plunged his cock deep inside of me. I was feeling it now as I pressed even closer into him.
As his hand went through the motions I felt my own orgasm start and as his sperm erupted from his body I spasmed and we both shuddered with the most explosive orgasm we have ever felt. His animal cries were full throated and powerful as his body shook with spasm after spasm and my own orgasm matched his. We were held on the edge of our climax for an eternity until the wave passed and left us both spent and limp. I gently eased my finger out and without moving my hand I cupped his balls and held him close . How long we lay together I do not know but at last I offered him a warm, wet cloth and helped him clean himself.
We did not speak of our experience for several days as it was too emotional for both of us to discuss calmly. However we did agree that we should not make this a routine practice but save it for special times when the magic would once again be with us.
You can tell by the length of this last part it was fantastic and telling it brings back the memories of a closeness that only two people can share when trust and love enter the scene.
Do not be afraid to explore the wonders of your body and the secrets it holds. It will transport you to heights you never thought existed before. Just enjoy yourself whether you are masturbating alone or with your lover. It is a wonderful way to make love.
Happy mutual masturbating Trudi-Lou .



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