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For My Eyes Only

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This was way better than cyber sex


I use night vision binoculars for process monitoring at work. The technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. The ones we have now allow you to see warm bodies as clear as day. We use a color heat discriminator at work that shows actual temperature, but they have a gray scale setting that is pretty much like a black and white movie. Living things or warm things are brighter, but it really is fairly natural in appearance.

I borrowed the binoculars for a recent hunting trip. We used them to spot dear and elk at night. It was amazing how much better it was than having a spot light. We passed this one house and there were a couple of young girls skinny dipping in a pool out back. All the guys were fighting over the Binocs. Finally the driver bumped the horn and we were discovered, the girls ran in the house laughing. After a week of hunting and nothing but a one room cabin, we were all, I suspect, horny.

The guys set up a game of poker and I went out to the porch to have a smoke. The area is kind of a resort area with a mix of old cabins like ours and some rather palatial vacation homes. The area is known for hiking and rock climbing and equestrian activities.

I had the Binocs and down the hill on the back deck of one of the cabins there was the occasional red glow of a lit cigarette that caught my eye. I trained the binocs on the spot and discovered it was a nude woman sitting in a chaise lounge on the covered deck. For a fall evening it was very warm. The road went right in front of that cabin but the deck was probably up high enough that from where she was sitting, you could only see her head from the road, But I had a full view. She was lazily diddling her clit, as she dragged away at the smoke. Her cunt was white hot in the IR display. It seemed to be glistening in moisture; it appeared as a blooming orchid fully engorged and ready for action. She had obviously been doing this for a while or she had been worked over soundly and left wanting, because as finished the smoke, she began working in earnest on her clit. Cars and the occasional pedestrian walked the street below her perch, apparently oblivious to the scene only a few feet above them.

I imagined the she was left wanting, by an insensitive Cretan. I would have been pleased to fill her with the week of cum I had stored up, and make sure she was not left wanting. My pants were about to rip from the pressure. I had to let out my captive cock. If any of the guys had come out, I would have been shamed resoundingly, but I was so horny. I could not stop.

I held the heavy Binocs in one hand and began to stroke myself with the other. Occasionally the moon would break from the clouds and illuminate her lower torso. In the Binocs, with digital zoom, the scene was remarkable. If she or anyone from the road had looked up the hill, when the moon was unmasked, they would have seen me in all my glory, moon lit, with a dripping cock, leaking precum without end. Alas those moments were fleeting.

It then became clear how wet she was. She dipped in first one, then two and finally three fingers to her steaming quim. She drew out the moisture and alternately sucked it from her fingers or spread it around her labia as lubrication. I could tell that she was soaked because as her fingers exited her cunt they were white hot. As she spread them around the areas she was touching were momentarily white hot also, followed quickly by a cooling that lasted until she applied a fresh coat of juices.

I imagined her juices had to be supplemented by that of the insensitive bastard that left her wanting. No woman gets this wet. She appeared to be getting close. I was about to bust my nut when the scene changed. Apparently the sounds she was making alerted a man inside. Another figure appeared at the door also nude, he appeared to be beckoning her in. I thought the show was over. But she apparently convinced him to join him on the deck. She got up and began working his apparently reluctant cock to a state of readiness. She did things I can't talk about here. I barely touched my cock for five minutes watching them cavort, I wanted to cum with her.

As she was getting into it and was clearly about to cum, I began stroking in earnest. Just as we were almost to the point of no return, he froze apparently dumping a load. She spurred him to continue to no effect. As nonchalantly as you please, he got up and went in. She barely waited for him to go in before she feverishly began fucking herself with one hand while strumming her clit with the other. As she was approaching climax two girls approached on the street. The sounds must have alerted them because they stopped and looked at the deck. I imagine her quim might have just come into view as she arched her back in orgasm. From 75 yards away I could hear her guttural moan. The girls on the street broke into applause. The girl on the deck sat forward and waved to them, which sent me over the top.

I stepped to the railing and with a serious of grunts launched at least 10 streams of cum out over the brush, apparently I too could be heard, if not dimly seen in the iridescent moon light. The girls swung around and applauded again, the girl on the deck waived, and I waived back and shouted a loud YAHOO. The girls on the street shouted something about bear back mountain. I called back, come be my little sheep. They flashed their tits, and ran away laughing.

The guys asked what all the commotion was, I said I was just cat calling a couple of party girls who flashed me from the street. They all ran out to the porch but all was quiet, and all were gone. I slept well that night. I was glad I brought the Binocs that week.



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