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For Julie (Watch Me Story 26 April)

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This story is for Julie who wrote 'watch me' on 26 April. This is a fictional parallel story.


I first noticed her on the train station platform. I would say she was in her early to mid 40's, attractive and confident. She wore her ash blonde hair short and wore a conservative business-type suit. She had sex appeal without even trying. She sat a row ahead of me on the train. I positioned myself so I could discretely watch her. A man sat opposite her and read his newspaper. During the trip I could tell she was trying to draw his attention. He didn't seem to notice the stupid dolt! At one point she crossed her legs and let her skirt ride up her leg to expose the top of her black stocking and garter belt. My heart missed a beat and I could feel my cock stir in my trousers. She was so sexy I couldn't stand it. The newspaper man ignored her.

What happened next I can hardly believe to this day. What possessed me to do what I did that day is a mystery to me. I only know that it set off a chain of events that have changed my life forever.

She gathered her things as the train approached the next stop. I figured I had had my little innocent thrill for the day but as she passed me I caught her scent. My head swam as if this faintest of whiffs intoxicated me. She exited the train and I compulsively grabbed my bag and coat and dashed out of the train door in the nick of time. I stood on the strange platform not knowing what I was doing. I saw her exiting the turnstiles and hurried to catch her up. I followed her at a safe distance. What was I doing. I have never followed, stalked anyone before. I'm not that kind of a man, I don't do that kind of thing but this stranger had me captivated.

Intoxicated, drunk with desire. She walked up the busy street and then up a quiet lane. I dropped back further but kept her in sight. She entered a two story house on a tree lined street. I approached the house and watched from across the road. No one was around. It was exciting to be doing something so out of the ordinary for me. I was about to leave when I noticed her in the upstairs window. She removed her coat and then closed the curtains. God, I wanted to know what she was doing. I needed to know. I couldn't leave, not now. I quickly walked across the street and furtively ducked down the side of her house and made my way to the back. My heart was racing.

The back door was open and without thinking I quietly entered her house. My senses were alive, my breathing was fast but controlled. I listened for her as I crept up the stairs. I could see movement from the front bedroom. My God, what was I doing?! What if someone else was home. What if I was caught. I stepped close to her door and silently peeked through the crack. She was there on the bed in nothing but her black lingerie. A bra and stockings and a thong. The sight was amazing. The excitement of doing something so naughty and dangerous made my cock grow and stiffen in my trousers. I watched her caress herself and then take her bra off. She pulled and pinched her nipples. My God what a sight. I was watching this beautiful creature enjoying herself.

She reached into her panties and stroked herself. I couldn't stand it anymore, I carefully unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my engorged cock out. I was astonished to see how swollen and hard I was. I peeked back through the crack. She raised her stockinged legs and slipped off her thong. Then she really started to get into it. She fingered herself with one hand as the other played and pinched her nipples. The sight of it was too much for me. It was by far the most erotic thing I have ever seen. To watch this gorgeous woman masturbating without inhibition was ecstasy.

I stroked my cock harder. Her fingers were now a blur as she frigged her clit. I fucked my hand faster. My cock tightened, my breathing was laboured, my head swam as I stroked myself to orgasm. I exploded, trying to keep quiet. I shot load after hot load from my engorged cock. She was still going and I was mesmerized. My cock was still hard and then I thought I must have a keepsake from this amazing experience. I grabbed my phone and hit video record. I caught her as she rubbed her clit furiously and orgasmed hard. Very hard. She lifted her hips off the bed and went rigid and moaned as it hit her. Wave after wave rolled through her body and then she was still.

I realised how dangerous the moment was. Her senses would be hyper exaggerated. I crept backward as slowly and silently as I could, my spent cock still hanging out of my trousers, drips of come still oozing out of the head. I made my way downstairs and out the back and then I just ran. I ran like a silly boy who stole something from the corner shop. I was suddenly terrified of what had happened. How could I have lost control over my senses like that. I felt dirty too but then I remembered the video on my mobile. I replayed it and watched her again. My cock stirred again. Yes, it was good. It was very good and I craved to do it again. I was changed forever, I was a watcher.



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