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After that first incident when I found my brother with my panties, more happened. I am ready to share now. Things were more than a little tense for a couple of weeks after I found my brother using, or rather, about to use my panties. For at least the week after we did not speak much and avoided each other. I decided that we had to clear the air.


When I heard him come home from school I waited until he was settled in his room then I knocked on the door. I went in and sat on his bed and said 'Chris, we have to talk. What happened, happened, and we have to move forward.' He looked like a frightened rabbit. I think he thought I was going to attack him again. I took a deep breath and told him that I understood why he wanted to use my (or, actually, any) girls panties. I guessed rightly that he wanted to know what the deal was about a girl's pussy scent. Then I talked about how, as I was beating him up I suddenly got aroused and came on him. He hadn't realised that I had cum. He thought it was just aggression. Of course, he couldn't deny that HE had cum. I told him how having a hard cock pressing against my pussy was arousing and then I touched on the taboo of incest. I told him quite honestly that it was partly because he was my brother that it made me horny. He admitted that he had thought about that afterwards.

Then there was a silence. I asked him how far he had got with other girls. It turns out, not very far at all. A little light snogging is about all and touching boobs, but only over clothing. He was worried about how horny he got and how quickly. In fact, he said that a girl had wanted to make out with him further but he was scared about cumming too quickly. I told him that if he hung on to that, he would make a girl very happy one day. Most guys want to cum as quickly as they can and that is a problem for girls who take longer to get really aroused. I told him that the more he masturbates and the more he does with girls the easier it will be to avoid cumming straight away.

Then he asked me about my body. How it felt for me when I got horny. I told him about how my breasts get more sensitive and how (its difficult to describe this) I feel like there is a void inside me that needs to be filled. I told him about my clit getting hard and, of course, how I get wet. I also told him that it was that wetness that was on the panties he was looking at. He asked if I was horny all the time. (Actually, not far from the truth) but I said that some amount of discharge is normal for a girl. Then there was another silence. I said 'Look, Chris, its better if you do this with another girl, but for now, I won't mind if you take my used panties from time to time, just don't let mom find them in your room.' He half smiled and said 'Thanks Heather, but, well, I kinda need more than that.' I asked him what, and suddenly, my little brother, who is actually very well mannered for a boy of his age said 'I know what your panties smell like, but all it does now is make me want to smell a cunt for real.'

I was shocked by his casual use of the word 'cunt', but also, like flicking a switch, very turned on too. I said 'If I let you smell me for real, it will be the only time I ever do this. Deal?' Now, I must be honest and say that the thought of my brother smelling me was a total turn on. I lay back against the wall and pulled my panties to one side. Chris got on the bed and took a long time just looking. He asked me about why I shave and do all girls do that? I told him it was just that I was wet a lot lately and I don't like sticky pubes! Then I felt his warm breath on my wetness and felt the slight chill as he breathed in deeply. I felt really slutty lying there with my panties to one side and my legs spread. He knelt up and without asking pushed his finger inside me, which made me arch my back and bear down on him. I had to reach between my legs and show him how to use his thumb on me as well as his finger and also to give him the speed, rhythm and pressure I need. He got the idea real quick and soon was fingering me just the way I like it. I looked at his face the whole time. I also talked to him. 'MMMmm Chris. Yes, that's just right. Ohhhh yess. Shit, your gonna make me cum.' He said 'Yeah Heather. Tell me when your gonna cum.' A few seconds later he got his wish and I orgasmed with savage intensity.

When I came down, I saw how hard he was through his boxers and that he had not spontaneously ejaculated. I reached forward and tugged his boxers down, then off. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started to jack him slowly. I said 'Now, I want you to tell me when you feel you are going to cum.' I sped up, slowed down, increased and decreased the pressure until he told me he felt close. Then I stopped for a while. I kept him edging for about fifteen minutes. I told him what I was doing and why. Then I knelt up next to him and took his hand. I pressed two of his fingers inside me and put my head on his shoulder. As I jacked him, I said 'Imagine your cock is inside my cunt. Just think about the feeling of being wrapped up in my tight wet hole. And then, I kissed him full on the mouth, tongues and all. Finally, I said, 'Imagine you are cumming inside me.' I felt his enormous cock twitch and felt the splatter of cum on my hand and arm. The edging had worked wonderfully and he shot loads.

Then, I took my panties off and tucked them under his pillow. I pecked him on the cheek and went to my room.

In there I lay on the bed and idly fingered myself while I thought about things. I am cool with helping my brother to explore his feelings. I don't feel guilty in any way at all. But it does raise some questions. One, I LOVE the incestuous aspect of this. Two, he made me cum beautifully. Three, would I go all the way with him? When the first incident happened, the answer would have been no way! But, lying there, feeling empty inside I knew the truth was different. If he wants to, I will fuck him. I know this to be a fact. There is no point in denying it, especially as the truth is, I really want to have the experience of lying on my bed afterwards, feeling my brothers sperm trickle out of me while I masturbate. Perverted? Probably, but, you know what? I really don't give a shit.

I do most sincerely wonder, though, how many siblings have done something like this, whether they be brother/brother, brother/sister, or sister/sister. I do know a girl, (older than me. She is 23) who lives with her dad after her mom died. I know for a fact that she sleeps with him and, so she says, she loves it. Is it true, do you think, that incest happens a lot more than we know?



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