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Five Teenage Girl Voyeurs

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These girls were about 13 and 14 and they were the ones spying on me in the mens changing area. I would love to hear comments if this has happened to others.


One summer day about 15 years ago my family and I went to a church picnic at a local state park with a lake. It was very warm and I wanted to swim so I grabbed my suit and headed to the changing rooms. The rooms at this park have the ladies area on the left and the men's on the right. There is a common wall between both sides. As I got about 20 feet from the changing rooms five young teen girls maybe 13 to 15 yrs old came out of the ladies side. When the saw me they started giggling loudly and made a U turn and ran back into the ladies changing room. I looked at them and thought, 'stupid girls!' I had no idea why they did that.

I went into the changing area which is about 18 ft square and no dividers just a bench along the back wall to sit on. It faced the common wall between the changing areas. I looked at the wall while I untied my shoes and noticed that there was light shining through little holes drilled in the wall coming from the girls area. I was alone in the mens area and kind of laughed because I remember being young and peeking into the ladies area at a different park. I like to get naked in public areas so I usually get a little hard while changing.

As I looked at the wall I noticed that one by one the light was blocked out. The giggling little girls were trying to see me naked! I immediately decided to give them more than they hoped to see. I had my shoes off already so I undid my shirt and left it open. Then I pulled my pants down slowly letting the bulge show through my underpants. By now I am sticking straight out. I then slid my underwear off slowly dragging it across my cock so I could enjoy the feeling. Now I am a big guy, six foot tall and have a nice cut 6.75 dick. I then took off my shirt the whole time facing the wall where the girls were watching me.

Just then I saw shadow coming in the mens side and sat down quickly so I wouldn't be caught. I put my dick between my legs to hide it. A dad walked in with his little boy to use the toilet stall. While they were in there I pulled my dick back out and started stroking. The dad and his son came out and I bent down to remove my socks which I still had on. When they were gone I stood up again and still facing the wall started stroking away. I knew I shouldn't possibly be doing this but they were spying on me. I am a bit of an exhibitionist anyway and this had never happened to me before. I was not forcing them to see me doing it. But the thrill of jacking in the public area is something I love to do. I would have done it if they weren't watching, but knowing they were watching drove me boldly ahead of reason.

It didn't take much longer and when I started to feel that I was going to cum I turned sideways so they could see how big I was and how much I shoot when I cum. (a lot) Afterwards I got my suit on and left the changing area after my swelling went down. A little later I ran into one of the older girls who was maybe 14 or or 15. She smiled at me like, 'you don't know what we did!' Oh how wrong she was!

I would love to hear from others that have had this happen to them. I can't be alone in this.



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