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Five against One

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I was used, but it was the best night of my young life.


I was the product of demanding parents, when it came time to go to school I was a little socially awkward. My mom held me back a year so I would be more ready. Growing up, class work was top priority, I could do anything I wanted if I got straight A's but if I even got a B on an interim report card extra curricular activites ceased and if it wasn't corrected in two weeks I got a tutor and money for the tutor came from my extra activities budget. One year I 'needed' tutor when little league tryouts went on. I could not join that year. I made sure I never 'needed' a tutor again.

Fast forward a couple years I went to summer camp, with a couple of kids from my class. As summer camp tends, we talked a lot about girls and stuff. One of the older kids talked about wanking in his tent to a photo of the swim director. We asked him what wanking was, and he was only to happy to tell us. Two years later I was in a tent row by the swim dock and was well acquainted with wanking. The new swim director a 17 year old hard body named Kim was the stuff of fantasy for half the camp. I had never ejaculated to that time but it was nothing to crank out two to three good orgasms in between activities when I was the only one in the tent. One of my tent mates busted me once and I was mortified but he was more interested than anything else. That night when our councilor was at the PX we had a circle jerk, each doing our own thing. It was pretty hot, I had never ejaculated but I came that night. I was shocked and so was my tent mate. I though I broke my wiener. I went to the nurse the next day; she assured me all was fine. Word got around camp that I had ejaculated, I was quite the sensation with kids my age. It was much like being an early reader. I was asked on more than one occasion to shoot one off. The councilors got word of this and put a stop to it, but word was out I was shooting bullets.

When I got home from camp that summer, word made it around, I was a shooter.

That year, because of my smarts, I was put in French class with kids grades ahead of me. Most of the kids in the class were girls. The sister of one of the guys from camp was in the class. She was two years older than me. We ride the same bus and are among the last to get off. One day when her brother was at sports, she moved back to sit with me, about half way through the ride. It starts out as small talk in French. Mostly about what we had for dinner, stuff like that. As the bus empties out she leans in and asks me if I have ever seen a girl naked in real life. I ask her why she wants to know. She says she is just curious she and a couple of her friends wanted to see a guy naked and thought I was kind of cute. So I asked her what she had in mind. She says we could meet at the sledding hill she has a key to the warm up hut. I was sworn to secrecy. She said she did not want to ask anyone in her class, I think she figured if I said something no one would believe me. I agreed. Word on the street was a shooter and that my junk was pretty big for my age something I did nothing to disuade. Not unheard of with guys her age but if she asked one of them to show her their stuff she would get a reputation.

I went thinking it was to be a simple, I'll show you mine if you will show me yours. When I got there, there were five girls. I almost walked out. They literally barricaded me in and said. We promise we will not make fun of you. We just want to know how guys do it. I was not sure what they meant, but I had an idea. So I said, only if I get to see how girls do it, and you go first. Three of the girls looked aghast and started walking out, the other two stopped them, and the whisper storm started. They finally broke their huddle and said we will do it, but all of us get to touch you, and you only get to touch Amy (the girl who had set the whole thing up) I was dumbfounded I didn't know what to say. Amy says, say yes, or walk out, but either way, we will say we were never here.

When I did not walk out Amy said I'll go first. She peeled off her coat and shirt. Standing there in her bra and panties was all the convincing I needed. I started peeling off layers. Two of the girls balked when it came to bras and panties. But I said if they didn't I wouldn't. Reluctantly they complied, it was fairly warm in the shed but their nipples were like pebbles. I asked Amy if I could touch her breasts. She agreed. They were amazing I brought my face close and inhaled her scent. I was so hard if I had bumped something I think my prick would have shattered. I licked her nipple and she grabbed my head and said that was not part of the deal.

She wanted me to show how I jerked off. So I said 'you first'. Amy looked at the girls it was clear they had not thought this through; I don't think any of them had done it with someone else watching. Amy kind of disgusted said FINE. She caressed her tits and motioned for me to get started. I again said everyone or nothing. I was half scared shitless and wanted an out, and half out of my mind with lust. One of the other girls says what the hell. When she started the others soon followed. It was awesome. Despite trying to hold off I came in less than 30 seconds. I shot like three feet. The girls were barely started they all made explanations of amazement.

One of the girls started getting dressed right away. I said 'I thought you all wanted to touch it.' This made her pause. I was half hard at this point. And I told them they should feel it both ways to know what goes on. One of the girls walks right over and gives it a squeeze. She got some cum on her finger, and rubs it between her fingers. She puts it up to her nose and inhales 'not bad at least it doesn't stink. It actually smells kind of clean'. The other girls lined up. By about the third one I was hard as a rock again, so I told them they could feel it soft after I came again. They were amazed that I could cum twice in a row, at least when I have five naked girls to inspire me.

I asked Amy to come over so I could feel her. She was a little reluctant but I said a deal is a deal. She came over I asked her to sit on the table and spread her legs. She did, she was soaked and a dollop of cum dripped out and ran towards her ass. I swiped it up and shoved it back in with two fingers. She let out a low guttural moan and lay back on the table. I asked her how it felt and she just whimpered a little. So I asked the girls for a little direction. Boy did I get it. I learned about her clit and the come here motion inside of two minutes she was cumming to a chorus of hoots and hollers. She just laid there and said that was amazing.

I was really getting into this. I asked who is next, but there were no takers. So I asked who wants to do me. Three hands immediately shot up. I had girls two years older than me following my lead. I laid on the table and just said 'have it'. The girls had seen me doing my thing so they did their best to rapidly get me off. When I had not cum inside of a minute they were concerned they were not doing it right. Like there is a wrong way.

I reassured them that it takes longer the second time. One of the girls pipes up 'not for me once I'm there I can cum again and again'. The other girls just giggled. Then they started trying different things, asking how it felt and what I liked. All the time they were jilling away between turns. If I started showing signs of cumming they would back off and slow down. They were really enjoying making me beg for release. I almost took over when Amy suggested they take turns for thirty seconds to see who could make me cum. They took turns. When it was Amy's turn she licked her fingers like she had done prior to giving herself a go. It was the perfect combination of warm then cool, slippery then friction. Just as her time was running out, I came so hard I think I nearly passed out. It took me a bit to regain my senses. The girls were feeling my limp prick, and running their fingers through the semen on my chest smelling it. At least two of them licked their fingers. As I lay there catching my breath, the girls got dressed, all but one of them had cum when they were jilling between turns. Wendy the shy one was the only one who hadn't cum I offered my services but she declined.

As we were leaving Wendy came to me and said she would borrow Amy's key if I would come back alone with her the next weekend. I really had a crush on Amy she was the hottest of the bunch. When it became clear I was a one time thing, I agreed to meet Wendy... Another story for another day.



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