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First Turn on By a Girl's Ass

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I can vividly remember when I first got really turned on by a woman's (girl's) ass. I was 16 at the time living in a small town up north. I had been jacking off since I was about 11 - 12 years old, and had a number of mutual sessions with a good friend of mine. I remember one time when we were about 13 years old. We were down in my basement where we usually did our mutual jerking. I was doing him while I stood behind him. Sliding my hand up and down his stiff cock while fondling his balls with my other hand. We had lubed up both of our cocks with good old mineral oil. (This was a standard item to have around the house in those days in case you 'had the constipation'.) While jerking him off, I began sliding my stiff pole in the crack of his ass. I remember that it really felt good. I didn't cum that way, but it felt great. But, back to my story.
It was New Year's Eve. My parents were going into the 'Big City' with our next door neighbors for a New Year's Eve celebration. I don't really remember why I was staying at home. I think that all of my friends were out of town with their families visiting Grandma's house or something before school started up again. Anyway, I was staying home. I didn't mind too much. I had saved some firecrackers from the past 4th and intended to shoot them off at 12:00.
Our neighbors, who had a daughter, about 13 years old, and a son of about 5, were leaving their daughter home to take care of her brother. They had done that before, but since they were going to be coming home very late that night (morning), they asked me if I would check in at their house later that night to see if everything was OK. Sure, why not? I knew their 'little' daughter. Nice kid, but to a 16 year old, just a little kid who I didn't pay any attention to except to maybe say 'Hi' to.
I was watching some TV - for what there was on TV in those days. I looked at the clock and it was 10:00 PM. Since I had promised, I thought I should check next door. I went over and knocked on the door and their 'little' daughter answered. She had grown-up some since I had last noticed, but to me she was still a little kid. I asked her if everything was OK. She said yes, but would I come in and stay for a little while. She really didn't like staying alone by her self that late at night. I sat down on their big couch while she sat across from me in an armchair. I asked her the usual questions that you would ask a 'little kid', and since she was not that little any more (she was starting to show some nice hips and tits - although I didn't put much confidence in the tits since I knew that girls her age would stuff their bras with any kind of padding to make their little boobs stand out) I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said,'Sort of, but he's a jerk. He doesn't like to do anything. Not fool around or anything. I think that he wants to become a preacher like his dad.'
At that time the conversation ended, and she said that she was going to go up to her room to change into her pajamas, but that she would be back downstairs in just a little bit. I had their TV on and was sitting at the end of their couch closest to the TV. She came back downstairs and was wearing; the best I can call it, was some kind of 'nightgown'. It wasn't sheer, but it was sort of flimsy. Not something you would wear in the winter up north. I told her that she would freeze her butt off in that, but she said she wasn't really cold. OK by me. She lies down on the other end of the couch and I don't pay anymore attention to her, until I hear some heavy breathing. I thought,'Shit, I hope she's not getting sick.' I looked at her and I realized that she wasn't getting sick, she was laying on her stomach, had that gown hiked up to the bottom of her ass, and her right hand was under her and she was fingering her pussy. SHE WAS MASTURBATING! I watched her for a few minutes and I realized that my cock was starting to stand at attention. I kept looking at the bottom of her ass that was showing and my cock was getting harder and harder. (I hadn't jerked-off for a couple of days. Don't remember why, but I hadn't.) My balls were beginning to ache and move up tight in my crotch. I thought,'What the hell, she's fingering her pussy, I got the right to see her ass!!' I moved that gown up to expose the most beautiful, tight little ass that I had ever seen - not that I had seen many girls' asses. At that point I tossed all caution to the winds. I got my shoes and pants off as fast as possible. (If she turned over and started to scream or something I could still stop. ) My stiff, young pole was tenting those shorts.'To hell with it.' I said.
My shorts were off and I started to move myself on that couch so that I could straddle her. And, then I noticed the bottle of mineral oil on the coffee table in front of the couch. It hadn't been there before; she must have brought it down with her when she came from upstairs. It was a sign from heaven (or someplace)! I took that bottle, rubbed some on my stiff cock and balls, and on that beautiful ass - especially in that inviting crack. She just breathed a little harder and started to slightly buck that cute ass. I straddled her and placed my cock right in her ass crack. It was tight and heavenly. But I needed more pressure on the top of my cock to get good, firm contact without putting my full weight on her. I was going to use my hand and place it on top of my pole, but at this time I wanted to get my hands inside that gown and under her to find and hold those tits. She wasn't lying on her left hand. So, since she apparently wasn't going to complain, I took that little hand of hers, rubbed some of the mineral oil from my hands on hers, and placed the palm of her hand on top of my cock and pressed it slightly down. She got the idea fast. I slid my hands under her and used them to take off most of my weight from her, clutched those tits, which were really not so little, found her little nipples were hard, and started to slide my hard cock in her ass crack. With this she started to move her ass up and down and she came closer and closer to reaching her climax. As she started to breathe heavier and buck that rear-end faster, she called out,'Don't cum! I want to see you cum! I've never seen a guy cum!' I knew that if I didn't stop, and I didn't want to, that I couldn't hold off much longer. But, I also wanted her to see and help me cum. I was so turned on!! I told her that I'd have to stop doing what I was doing, but that I couldn't hold off much longer. She said,'OK, I'm really close to the best I've ever had. Please put your hand over my hand on my pussy and just press hard.' With that, I got off of her, slid my hand in from the rear, covered her hand on her pussy and sunk my face down and buried it in her ass. In less than a minute she let out a small cry, and bucked her hips up tight against my face on her ass. If my cock had been in contact with anything at that time I couldn't have held back.
In a couple of seconds, she turned over and sat up. She said,'Oh boy, oh boy! Give me a minute and then I want to see you cum.' 'OK', I said, 'but it can't be very long and then you got to take part and help me along.' In a minute or two she said, 'I told you I've never seen a boy cum or helped him to do it. You got to show me.' They had an armless, padded chair in the living room. I told her to sit on it and that I would straddle her on her lap facing toward her. (I'd never done that before but it sure sounded good to me. ) After we got situated, I asked her if she had ever been 'deep kissed' before. She said No, but that she would like to try. I told her we would, but first she should take one hand and fondle my balls and the other hand to slide up and down my cock. That this would make me cum and while she did that I was going to really kiss her.'OK,' she replied,'but you gotta stop kissing me when you cum so that I can see.' With that, she took my cock and balls in hand and I took her face in both of my hands and kissed her open mouth with my tongue deep inside. I couldn't hold off any longer. I broke the kiss, told her to move her hand faster on my cock and to hold my balls tightly and not to stop stroking until I told her to. I placed my hands on her firm tits and we both watched as my hips arched up and I shot stream after stream of hot cum all over her smooth, tight belly. Each time the cum came out, all she said was,'WOW'. I had never in the years that I had masturbated to that point ever had an orgasm even close to that!



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