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First Touch Pt. 1

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When I was 16, I was at a party that my ex-girlfriend also happened to be attending. I'll call her Nicole. Although I no longer had any feelings for her, she's always been able to make me really horny. She is petite, about 5'4, with brown hair and eyes, and very nice breasts, probably about 36 C.
Just as I was about to depart for a friend's house, she asked if I would drive her home. Why not, I figured. As we drove around, we started talking about sex and masturbation. Many girls I know are very uncomfortable with their sexuality, and will not admit that they masturbate. Nicole, however, had told me before that she masturbates from time to time. However, a few weeks before, we had had a similar situation. We had driven around and talked for a while about sexual things and we had both obviously gotten pretty horny. This time, however, we got much deeper, and she asked me what I would do to her if we were alone together. And she said that after our talk she had started masturbating every day, and that she was getting very hot at that moment.
Other than making out and feeling her up, we had never experimented before, and I had never really gone much farther with any girl, as I was fairly young. However, as I said before, Nicole made me really horny, especially because I knew that she was much more free with her sexuality than most girls I knew.
I slowly described to her how I would eat her cunt, working my tongue around her clit, bringing her to a moaning orgasm, and how I longed for her hands and tongue on my dick. We were now parked in front of her house, and I was getting really turned on, as I watched her reaction to the things I was telling her. She had now turned sideways in the passenger seat so that she was facing me. It was obvious that I was getting a hard-on, and I could see her looking at my crotch. She started slowly rubbing the top of my leg and inner thigh, stretching my pants so that the head of my cock was pushing hard against my pants. She then started circling around my dick with her finger through my pants, and I was getting really turned on.
I reached over and started doing the same, until I was eagerly rubbing her jeans-covered pussy. She stopped me, saying she couldn't feel anything, and slid her jeans off into the floor of my car. She then climbed on top of me, as I was leaning back in my seat. She was wearing a black thong that perfectly covered her hot pussy, which was directly on top of my dick. Her supple tits were even with my face, and I zealously pulled her shirt off of her, and removed her bra. 'Remember these?' she said softly, as I tossed her bra aside. I leaned up in my seat, taking her gradually hardening nipples in my lips, licking and sucking them slowly.
It must have been obvious that I wanted to put my hand in her panties, because she turned around and lay back against me, pulling my arms around her naked stomach. As I slowly ran my hand from her tits down her stomach and over her pelvic bone, I felt her patch of pubic hair. I cupped her labia in my hand, and then spread them with my index and ring fingers, awaiting the feeling of her cunt on my fingers. Keeping her lips spread, I slid my middle finger into her slit, sliding up and down it, as she arched her hips and pushed back against my body. As I fingered her cunt and pinched her nipple with my other hand, I began dry humping her ass, increasing my hardness.
My fingers were now getting very wet with her juices, and I started touching her clit, which drove her crazy. She started bouncing her ass up and down on the seat, which felt great against my dick, which was still unfortunately in my pants.
Then her phone rang. It was her overprotective father, who said she had better be inside in 2 minutes. As Nicole started pulling her panties up and putting her shirt back on, she said, 'That was great, I was about to come. Sorry I couldn't do more for you.' I told her I understood, and that I hoped we would have a chance to finish up soon. She said the same, got out of my car, and headed for her house.
I immediately went home and jerked off, imagining what would happen when we both got horny again together. This is another story that will hopefully be submitted soon.



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