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First Touch after Vch Piercing

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I had been considering a tattoo for a long time and began seriously looking for a good artist a little more than six months ago. While looking at the online galleries of local tattoo shops I saw that a few of them had piercers with online galleries too. I had always been curious about how exactly people pierce their genitals (i.e. where on their genitals) so I began looking more intently at the genital piercings than the tattoo galleries. From there I began searching the internet for more information on genital piercings as the idea of one intrigued me but I didn't know if it was for me.

I found the VCH piercing very nice to look at. I very quickly learned about the stimulation effect that the VCH piercing can have on the clitoris too and I was hooked. When I first started masturbating I concentrated wholly on my clitoris as I could get leg shaking orgasms from it alone. Over time I have found that a strong clitoral orgasm to be rare or require a lot of effort for whatever reason. The VCH piercing seemed perfect.

Over the months between then and now I researched the VCH piercing and weighed the pros and cons. I also started to become intimate with my ex who is also one of my best friends during this time. He was the only person I told about the VCH. He was very supportive of the idea for how it would benefit me.

He's been very supportive of me masturbating actually, even to the point of providing me with pictures of him masturbating and cumming to help me get a better orgasm when he hasn't been around to help me in person.

So, after much debating and researching and reading reviews of piercers and whatnot, I finally decided to just go for it. I was getting my next brazilian on a Friday evening and so Saturday would be perfect to get the VCH done. I contacted my piercer of choice and made the appointment.

When I went in I think the piercer saw that I was pretty nervous. I only have three pierced holes in my entire body and they are all in my ear lobes. This was a big step for me. She immediately reassured me that I was built for the VCH (I wasn't sure) and that it is the best, easiest piercing a person can get. It hurts a lot for a second then you do not notice it again; it self cleans so there really is not aftercare; and you can have sex the same day if you are comfortable trying to and are careful; that it heals quickly.

So, I took a breath and she pierced me. It was a lot of pain but it was so incredibly quick. She put the barbell in, I put my clothes back on, paid and then went home. She was right, I did not notice it all that day. I went kayaking the next day and it didn't bother me at all.

Even though it was feeling fine I was still skeptical about touching it.

The next night I was chatting with my friend/ex online. He was having a fire that evening, one of my favourite things to do. I told him that it wasn't fair of him to tell me that as it made me want to come over. He wholeheartedly invited me over. I told him I shouldn't. I then continued with house chores to get ready for company the next weekend.

An hour or so later I was taking a break again and he was still online. He was sitting by his fire with his laptop. It was just too much. I had to go over. I told myself I would not stay long though.

We looked at the stars and had a good evening all around. We didn't let the fire go out until late that night. It was getting chilly outside so we went inside and drank some tea to warm up. We were sitting on his couch facing each other. I began telling him about the bad brazilian I received that weekend when I decided to try a new spa. The waxer actually bruised the skin adjacent to the top of my labia.

I was wearing my short shorts without underwear so as I told him about the bruise I decided it would be easier to show him. I undid my shorts and pointed it out to him. He touched the bruise gently and said something about it (I can't remember exactly what; his fingers on or near my pussy always gets me excited and this was no exception).

Since my shorts were already open I decided to show him my VCH. I was so proud of it, I loved the way it looked, and I hadn't been able to show it off to anyone.

It was amazing how turned on I got by his looking at my newly pierced pussy. He complimented me on it then asked about how it was feeling, whether or not it was healing well. I told him what my piercer had told me, that I was able to have sex right away if I wanted to and took care with it and that it seemed to be healing fine. He then asked if I had touched it at all and I said I hadn't yet, I was scared to.

He asked permission to touch it. I told him that he could. He was very gentle. I was amazed at how a gentle touch sent such sensations through my body. It was amazing! He continued to gently touch it in different ways, to move the barbell a little bit, and so on. I was close to orgasm with so little effort from him I couldn't believe it.

Then he did something completely different, something that should have yielded results but did. He took my labia and closed them over my piercing and gently moved them around. The effect was incredible!

We continued on like that for a few more minutes, but I felt bad that he wasn't getting any attention that evening. At the same time I was thoroughly enjoying his fingers on me. We eventually moved on to try out my VCH in other ways, but that part of the story is not suited for this website.

Since then I have been getting used to solo masturbation with the VCH and it is coming along very nicely. After getting over a flu shortly after the above incident I have found that my VCH has brought back leg shaking orgasms. It was well worth the money!



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