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First Time...and it felt so Good

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I guess every guy gets horny when they hit puberty and I was no exception, I went to an all boys school about four miles away from home and the journey involved three separate bus rides although two of them were quite short and depending on the day I would sometimes walk part of the way.

I was quite friendly with Paul who was in the same year in a different class and who was a few months older than me, he lived near where I caught my third bus and sometimes we would go home together.

One afternoon towards the end of the summer term we were on the second bus and he said he had found where his older brother kept his porn mags, we started talking about them and Paul said his house would be empty and did I want to look at them so I said yes.

We went upstairs to his room and lay on his bed looking at these mags and we both got horny and were rubbing our dicks over our trousers. Paul laughed and said he was going to the bathroom to wank off and he wouldn't be long and then I could go in there if I wanted. A few minutes later he came back and it was my turn. We then both went downstairs and I went home.

The next time I saw him to speak to was a couple of days later when we were walking home. We started talking about girls and sex again and Paul said his mother would be at home so we couldn't look at his brothers mags. I had a boner and told Paul that was a pity and he said he was also horny but we could always wank off in some public toilets that we had to pass and I said ok.

The toilets were empty and the door creaked when it was opened so we were happy that we would not be caught out. The urinal was a long continuous trough and we both stood side by side and wanked off as quickly as we could. We were both half watching each other and I came first and then a few moments later Paul's cum shot out. We both laughed and pissed into the trough to wash the cum away and then continued home.

About a week later Paul said his house would be empty again and did I want to look at the mags and I said yes. By the time we got up to his room I was really hard and Paul commented that my dick was nearly bursting through my trousers and if I wanted I could be the first to use the bathroom. I laughed and said I wasn't bothered about going to the bathroom as it was more comfortable wanking off on the bed and Paul said ok but we mustn't make a mess or his mum would kill him and we both laughed.

Paul went to get the toilet roll and when he came back I was already slowly wanking, he said he didn't want to get cum on his trousers so he was going to take them off and I agreed that was a good idea. He sat on the bed beside me and took off his trousers and boxers and scratched his balls and dick which was rock hard. It was the first time I'd seen it properly and it was good, he was a bit thicker than me and about the same length of 5 inches and he had quite a bit of black pubic hair.

I took my trousers and boxers off and we were both sitting cross-legged on his bed looking at the mags and playing with our dicks. Paul asked me when I had last had a wank and I said that morning in the shower and he said this was his first today and we joked about who would cum the most and we both agreed to try and compare what we produced. Paul laughed and said I should cum first and then he would, I lay on my side facing him and wanked off into some tissue as he watched then I watched him do the same and we were both laughing and agreed it didn't really matter as we had both cum really good.

A few days later we went back to his house again, it was a hot sunny day and Paul said he was going to take all his clothes off and have a wank laying flat on his back but it was up to me whether I did and I said I was ok with that. He asked me if I ever altered the way I wanked off and I said no not really, I always just wrapped my hand right round my dick. Paul laughed and said his dick was too thick to get his hand right round it so usually he just concentrated on his bell end. We were laughing and I said something like he must have small hands rather than a thick dick and I bet I could get my hand right round it and he said I could try if I wanted. I asked if he was serious and he said he didn't mind so I stopped wanking myself and took hold of his dick. I did get my hand right round it and it felt good so I continued wanking him, he reached across and wanked my dick and very quickly we both came on our tummies.

That was the last time we ever wanked off together, Paul's family moved away during the summer and we never kept in touch.



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