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First Time With Wife

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This was the first of what is now a wonderful addition to our sex life with my wife!!!


I have been married for 8 years to the woman of my dreams. We have enjoyed a healthy sex life for the first few years but he has only been getting better since we have added masturbation to our mix. My wife and I both come from very conservative and religious backgrounds and until she reached her upper 20's it has always been standard sex with us. But she is very medical like and you can not embarrass her so we have progressed over the years.
This started when one night she informed me that she needed a 'trim'. I have been using a beard trimmer on my wife's pubic area for a few years and she has always allowed me the pleasure to trim her hair completely off around her vagina, anal area and make a neat patch above her. This night she stated that either the thongs that she had wearing or something had made her lips and vagina slightly itchy. Of course trimming my wife and looking at her beautiful thighs and pubic area arouses me. She asked me if I could get some hydrocortisone lotion and rub it on her lips. I noticed they were reddish looking and gladly offered to assist in anyway.
Now up until this point in our marriage my wife had no problems with me masturbating but always told me to 'go take a shower' if she wasn't in the mood and sometimes I would take care of myself. So I came back with the ointment and after washing all the trimmed hair and toweling her dry I proceeded to administer the ointment. Note that I had taken my clothes off because I had worked out and was going to go take a shower after the trim was completed. As I started applying the lotion my wife who really never let me do much to her with my fingers or orally up to this point starts to gyrate a little bit. I think that she was to embarrassed to tell me that it was feeling good. This ointment is very lubricating and as I continue to apply she finally says that feels good can you do that some more. Sure I Can!!!!!!!!! She is now really moist from the rubbing and lotion and for the first time I notice her clit is sticking way out and her lips are swollen and she pretends to be watching TV while I'm doing this. Of course the little circle motion her hips are making is really letting me know that she is enjoying this. I ask here if there is anywhere else and she says to pull her slightly apart and put some on the sides. Of course while I'm doing this my penis is standing straight out and aching like it has never done before. A continue to rub her just shaven area and up until this point since my wife has only really let me have intercourse with she keeps saying that feels good and to keep rubbing. Then she sits up more from her laying down position and notices that my hard on and says I wish we could make love but I've got this medicine on me. I am so turned on from here laying there with her legs wide open and I'm still rubbing her softly I say 'yes you know how much this is turning me on'. I then say since we made love yesterday and you were hairy I think you kinda rubbed the sides of my penis raw and maybe I need some medicine. All the while I'm still playing like we are watching TV and not looking at each other. I rub some ointment on my penis 'for the soreness' and start to stroke my penis with my finger tips.
My wife looks down at me and I think here it comes 'Why don't you go to the shower', but instead she says you have a nice penis. I continue to put a little more ointment on my fingers and massage it in. I tell her that the ointment is really slippery and trimming and touching you has really go me going. She says since we can't make love why don't you take care of yourself. Now I can hardly contain myself because not only do I continue to rub her with my fingers, for the first time in my life someone is watching me. And she continues to stare at my penis why I rub it with my fingers. She sits up and say's is that how you guys do it. I tell here not really that I use my whole hand and grip tighter. Her watching me and asking questions I have never been so turned on, but I keep playing it cool like it's a show and tell. She says why don't you show me I thinks want to see. With her sitting there watching me I apply some more ointment and start to really stroke myself. She then positions herself so I can continue to rub her and she can watch me. The whole time she's asking me questions like do you switch hands, how long does it take just like I was at doctors office and she was getting my blood pressure. I tell her that if this keeps up I'm am going to cum. Now I the kind of guy who has trouble peeing with my wife around let alone looking but she just kept staring and asking me questions like she was going to write and essay.
She then says go ahead I want to see you finish. She sits there on the end of couch and watches my every move and says I can't believe your doing this. I tell her I am so turned on by her being there that my testicles are trying to climb into my stomach. I can feel the pressure mounting and she says my gosh your head is red and ready to explode. I am now ready to cum and when I do the first shot goes over my head and a lands on my shoulder. She exclaims 'Oh my God' then the second shot lands squarely on my chest and I continue to cum so hard it hurts. She said that was 'Sexy' and looks at me gives me the wettest, deepest kiss she had given me in 6 years of marriage.
Since that episode our sex lives have opened up and I shall have many more stories of how we have progressed and how masturbation has been the greatest introduction to our sex lives.



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