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First Time With Shannon

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Awesome stuff.


Shannon and I had been friends for quite a few years and went to a private elementary and middle school together. I was never interested in him sexually until the next the year we entered the public high school together. Our freshman year we had a gym class together, and this was the first time I got to see his package. After class we would shower and I noticed that he had an uncircumcised penis. This was the first one I had ever seen, and it intrigued me. I guess he wasn't fully through puberty as he had no pubic hair yet, but his penis was by no means small.

I never really said anything to him about how interested in his penis I was until the next year. Our sophmore year we had a math class together, and during this time I made a few suggestions about how I wanted to see his penis again.

Well one day after school he agreed and came over to my house, and after an hour or so of awkward conversation he whipped it out and showed me. It had gotten even bigger from last year and now he had a full bush of hair. I also took mine out to show him, which was smaller than his, but also with a full bush of hair. I was about to suggest we masterbate together, but just then we heard his mom honking outside ready to pick him up.

Well, a few weeks passed by and we would talk to each other about what we had done and would make suggestions about what we should do the next time. During those few weeks when I masterbated I would fantasize about us together.

The day finally came when he came over to my house. I had acquired some porno magazines and after a half hour or so of watching tv I suggested we go look at them. After turning a few pages I could tell we were both extremely horny and wanting to masterbate. I broke the ice and asked him if he wanted to, he said 'I sure do.'

We both whipped out our cocks, his seemed huge compared to the six incher I always play with. His is probably eight inches and pretty thick with a luscious foreskin. We laid the magazines out on my bed, and knelt down in front of them starting to pull on our hard and throbbing penises. I was amazed how the uncircumcized cock worked, and I think I spent more time looking at him beat off than I did looking at the magazines. After about 15 minutes of masterbating he came to orgasm and dribbled some cum into his hand. I had been ready to go for about five minutes and when I saw his cum I brought myself over the line and shot out a few ropes of cum into a tissue. This was one of the best whack off sessions I have ever had.

We have done this together a handful or two times since the first, and each time has been awesome. We have touched each other a few times, but never a full yank. I am not gay, and I don't think he is either. I have never been attracted to a guy, but his penis just turns me on.

We are both in college now and live about three hours apart, but I hope to get together with him on a break and have a good time with him again. We are still good friends and talk often, just don't get to see each other much.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my story Solo Touch, I hope Shannon finds this story and wants to have another session as well.



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