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First Time With My College Roommate

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My first time watching or being watched


The first time I ever masturbated with another person was my first year of college with my roommate.

It was a cold Saturday night winter term. My roommate, Mark, had a girlfriend who was still in high school back home. He would spend the night with her about every six weeks when she would come up to visit. I didn't have a regular girl friend, but I had experienced a few occasional hook ups with willing females. It is safe to say that neither of us were getting regular sex, and certainly not enough to satisfy our 18-year-old sex drives. This particular evening, we had stayed back at the dorm with a few guys that lived on our floor. The two of us ended up alone back in our room a little horny. I know we were horny because we decided to take a look at our latest skin magazine. I say 'our' because we had been sharing soft porn from the bottom drawer in my desk ever since we started rooming together in September. This was before the internet, cable TV, VCR's or DVD's. If you wanted to see a porno movie, you had to go to a theater in a crappy part of town. Same if you wanted magazines that had photos depicting most sex acts. We stuck to the soft porn we could buy from the convenience store. They had nice photos of naked women, and an occasionally layouts of two girls that suggested lesbian sex. Most had 'true' stories supposedly submitted by readers detailing their sexual exploits. This was all fine with us. We normally bought a couple mags each month. We would each check out the pictorials, then proceed to the stories, then back to the pictures. Normally, after a few pages of this kind of stimulation, I'm pretty sure that we both sneak off to release some sexual energy in as much privacy as the dorm offered.

This time, we started out on the current issues, and then got into the best parts of some of the back issues, trading off when one of us found an interesting story. After probably an hour of this erotic exposure, my mind was spinning from sex and alcohol. My penis was straining against my jeans and my briefs were damp with pre-cum. The combination was overpowering. I was starting to shake from sexual overload.

'I need to jack off' I said trembling.

'Me, too' Mark answered, much to my relief.

Somehow I managed to summon the courage to ask

'Want to do it together?

'Ok' he answered

This was the 70s. At least in small town Middle America, being homosexual was about the worst thing you could be. Even wearing the wrong shoes could lead to being called a fag or a homo. There wasn't much tolerance for exploration. Masturbation was regarded, at least by some, as gay behavior. Jerking off with another guy was totally gay! There was a good possibility that Mark could have wanted to beat me up, or would have told everyone in the dorm I was gay. I knew I was taking a significant risk. I didn't feel gay, but I did feel horny. I was relieved and at the same time excited that Mark was open to my suggestion.

Maybe because I always had some exhibitionist tendencies, I took the lead. I awkwardly took a magazine, a towel and a bottle of hand cream over to my bed. I pulled my shirt over my head and unbuttoned my jeans. I after a brief hesitation, I unzipped and pulled my pants and underwear off in one quick motion, exposing my hard penis. I sat down on my bed, opened the magazine the centerfold, put a little cream on my hand, and then (as casually as I could) moved my hand to my throbbing cock. I was masturbating with someone watching and I felt so good.

Mark soon took another magazine over to his bed and pulled his pants and underwear off exposing his erection, but leaving his shirt on. I took my eyes off the centerfold to catch a look at Mark's erection. It was the first erect penis I had ever seen other than my own. It was basically the same and mine, but perhaps an inch longer. Mark's shaft was thicker than mine and had visible veins. His cock head looked smaller than his shaft, which in comparison to my shaft which was narrower and capped by a larger helmet-shaped head. His scrotum held tight against his body concealing his balls, where my balls were larger and hung down away from my crotch.

'Can I borrow some cream?' Mark asked while standing in front of my bed, reaching for the bottle of lotion. His erection pulsed with every heart beat.

'Sure. This stuff makes my dick slippery. It feels sooo good,' as I continued to stroke.

'I know. I use your hand cream to get off when you aren't here' Mark said as he squeezed some lotion into his open palm.

Mark sat on his bed and spread his legs and his magazine giving me a full view of his hand sliding up and down on his penis. I quit looking at the centerfold, instead stroking my cock to another man openly masturbating in front of me. His rhythm increased and soon he shot a thick pool of white cum onto his belly. I tossed him my towel and he wiped the goo off his stomach. With this, I closed my eyes and concentrated on finishing my orgasm, turned on knowing someone was watching me masturbate. I soon came in a huge load all over my belly and chest. The last pulses dribbled down my shaft onto my balls. Mark, still naked except for his shirt although no longer erect, tossed me a roll of paper towels and I cleaned up.

The next day, neither of us mentioned what happened. In fact, we never talked about it at all. But from then on, we both openly masturbated whenever either of us felt the need. Eventually, this lead to more experimentation over several years. Neither of us turned out gay. He's been married over 20 years now, but we still get together for a little porn and extra fun once in a while.



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