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First Time With Friends

Posted by: Author: Age: 55 now, 11 then. Posted on: 1 comments
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No guilt, just pure joy.


I had begun masturbating for a number of months by the time I was 11. One night I remember getting hard and I just started to rub my penis to see what it felt like. It felt so good. I didn't know how to go further than that until one of my friends at school told me about how he made himself come by learning how to thrust and squeeze the muscles around the base of his cock. That night I tried it for myself and hey presto it worked! The feeling was so intense that I knew that from then on I was going to have a long and very happy relationship with my own cock. Every night I was at it; even going to bed early because I said I was tired!I didn't stop once. I just kept goimg at it, when I was in the mood, until it got painful or I fell asleep. Like most boys of that age I couldn't come yet but that didn't bother me at all then. All I was bothered about was that feeling. Getting hard was all my concern. I just loved wanking as much as I could.

Shortly after this I was going round to my friends to see if he was in. He called to me from his garden shed so I went over to the door. On opening it and going in I was amazed at the sight I saw. There was him, Rob, and another friend, George, sat there with their pants around their knees and both of their cocks were rock hard. Without being asked I dropped my pants straight away and started to masturbate along with them. It felt so natural to be doing this especially with my best friends. We then took it in turns to do it to each other and for the first time I had someone else's hands on my cock. I thought it was the most intense sensation a hand other than my own was touching me in that most sensitive of areas. I closed my eyes in pleasure as this other hand was stroking me to orgasm. When I touched their cocks it felt so good too. To feel them as I pumped my hand up and down was fascinating especially when they began to cum. To think, I could do that to someone else as well as me.

Wow! It felt so good I couldn't believe it. They were both one year older than me and so they both came and I was fascinated by the sight of two cocks pumping out cum at once. It wasn't long after that that I too could cum and I couldn't wait to show them my new ability, helped by their hands of course. We kept doing each other for quite a while after this. We lived in the country and on our walks we would often get our cocks out and have a quick wank in the secluded spots we would find. There was never any talk about if it was gay because in those days we never knew about such things. All we knew is that it felt good and there was no guilt. It was our secret and there was no shame felt by anyone at all.

Hope this story gives you pleasure. It has helped me to remember the days when I began to masturbate and the pleasure has never left me. Even at my age now I still enjoy a good wanking session, especially in front of my wife. She enjoys watching me and even though she is quite shy about such things she even let me watch her on one occasion in a hotel room in Amsterdam whilst watching a porn movie on the room T.V. Yes, Amsterdam is like that!

Perhaps I will submit more stories about me and my sister and her friends later.



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