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First Time With Friend

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Fake names used, the rest is all true


First, a description. I am 6ft 3' and 175 lbs, and quite toned-my pecs are getting bigger, and my abs are quite good too.

Lewis is a bit shorter than me and is less toned but weighs less, so the abs are still there, and very nice too. He also has the most incredible butt.

I met my friend Lewis (18) a few years ago, and we'd stayed in quite good contact over the internet etc.

Always after our IM conversations ended, around midnight, we'd both go and jack off, and told each other we did after getting really horny.

So after a week or so of this, my parents were going to be away one weekend, so I invited him to stay over and he of course accepted! The evening started off innocent enough, due to not having seen each other in person for a while it took sometime to get used to the company. I was already horny, and kept looking at him and his really cute butt, the kind that needs to be touched...

We wanted to watch a movie in the lounge, but the dvd player wasn't working, so we watched it in my bedroom, both laid on my double bed.

He said the movie was getting a bit boring, but I really liked it, so we ended up wrestling over the remote. We had to stop because both of us were hard and didn't want the other to know. We sat there with our knees up, trying to hide it.

Later on, Lewis started complaining of some back aches, so I offered to massage it for him (being the good person I am). He switched the lights off and lay face down on the bed. I sat on his butt, with one leg either side, and gently pulled his tshirt off.

I started rubbing his back, feeling his amazingly soft skin under my hands, then moved onto his arms-placing them on my lap. He moved his hands up and down my leg and brushed lightly against my by then massive boner. I kept rubbing his back, and slid down his legs a bit, so I could lower his jeans a little. I started to rub his butt. It felt so good and I could tell he enjoyed it too from the groans and sighs!

He eventually rolled over and pulled my t shirt over my head. We rubbed each others nipples and hard abs for a while, then he pushed me off him and pulled my jeans and boxers down in one, releasing my eight inch boner. I did the same to him, and we both grabbed each other's cocks and started rubbing like there was no tomorrow, only stopping to lean in and kiss, our tongues fighting in the others' mouth.

After a few minutes, he started moving his face lower towards my crotch, and needless to say, it didn't take long for me to cum all over his stomach, chest and face. I then returned the favour, and we both lay there panting, rubbing each other's crotch, feeling them grow hard again. We both managed to cum twice more that night from the type of hand work only a guy knows how to give, before falling asleep together, bodies pressed against each other. I kept one hand on his butt, to make the most of having it to hand, as it were.

Since then, we spoke for a while and decided it was just experimenting. I don't think I'd go that far again with a guy, but I'm not sure about Lewis, he seemed pretty keen. Who knows, he might turn out to be gay, but I have a girlfriend now and haven't done anything with a guy since then.



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