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First Time With a Girl

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First time seeing and masturbating with a girl.


My family has been friends with another family for about forty years. We only live five houses from each other. Our mothers were pregnant with all three children at the same time. Growing up we always had someone to play with. My brother played with their son, my sister with their sister and me with their daughter. Leslie and myself were the youngest and were always together. We went to school, summer camps and parties and slept in the same bed when we were younger.

When our parents went away when we were fourteen they decided not to get a babysitter since the middle children were sixteen and driving. We both were going through puberty and had playfully grabbed each other. This all changed one night. It was a friday night and I was told I would be staying with Leslie. When I went over I walked in and called Leslie. She came out of the family room and told me her sister bought us sandwiches. After eating we went to her room to watch tv. We were on the floor watching when I noticed Leslie looking at my crotch.

After a few minutes I asked what's up. She asked me if I would do something for her. I said anything. She pulled out a magazine and showed me a naked guy. Leslie got red in the face and asked if I would show her my thing. I started to get a hard on and told her why. Leslie said we were almost brother and sister and she wanted to see my thing first. I told her okay only if she showed me hers after. She agreed, so I stripped to my underwear. My dick was hard and sticking straight out. She asked if it hurt when it was like that. I told her no and dropped my underwear. Her mouth opened wide and she got very red in the face.

I told her she could touch it if she wanted to. Leslie touched it with just one finger and told me how smooth it was. In a minute she touched my dick and balls. I started to breathe heavy and told her to stop or I would cum. She stopped but my dick kept bouncing. After a few minutes it started to get soft. I said to Leslie her turn. She took off her shirt and sweats. She had on no bra and her small 34A breasts were staring at me. Her nipples were hard as my dick got stiff again. She pushed her panties down and I saw her pussy and pubic hair above it. Her pubic hair was brown and was just above her pussy. After a few minutes Leslie told me to touch it. When I touched her lips she moaned. I played with her pubic hair in one hand and was going up and down her slit with the other.

I stopped and when Leslie looked at me I kissed her. It was my first kiss and I think her's to. She pushed me away and asked what the hell. I told her I thought it was the right thing to do. She then smiled and kissed me back. Soon I felt her inserting her tongue into my mouth. After a good ten minutes of making out and grabbing her ass we separated. My dick was so hard and was leaking and I could see her pussy was wet. Leslie told me she would be back in a second and ran out of her room. When she came back in she had a magazine. It was a woman's magazine and she was reading. Leslie told me to get on the bed. I did and she sat beside me and grabbed my dick. She then started to go up and down. She was giving me a hand job. After a few minutes I was so hard I knew I was going to cum soon. I told her I was going to cum. She kept going and I cummed on her hand. She smiled at me.

I was in another world. Leslie lay next to me and said it was her turn. She told me she would tell me what to do. I first got my hand between her legs and I smelled a sweet aroma. She told me to take my finger and slide it from bottom to top of her slit. When I did she got the chills. I was going up and down for a few minutes when I found her clit(I read about it later). Leslie jumped and told me to keep rubbing that spot. In a few minutes she shook, closed her legs around my hand and I felt sweet water running out on my fingers. After I stopped, Leslie told me I gave her an orgasm and she must have squirted her juices on my hand. I lay next to her and we kissed. After a few minutes I told her I loved her and she told me the same. We fell asleep naked in her bed.



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