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First Time While on Holiday

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I never expected this kind of thing to happen to me, but it did.


Before I start my story, I had better tell you something about myself. I live with my mother in a small village in Lincolnshire. My dad died of a heart attack when I was younger, and mum and I have lived together since then.

I have a good friend called Ron (not his real name). Until this summer, I had never had any sexual experience with either a girl or a boy, though I wank fairly often and have been able to cum since I was about 13. Often I have thought I should like to do stuff with Ron, but I never have even when I stayed at his house and slept in his bed with him. We sometimes talk about sex and things, and we have both admitted that we wank. I should like to do it with him, but I have never dared ask because I might lose him as a friend.

My cock is about six inches long when hard. Looking round at the other lads when I was in school, changing for games, my cock seemed about average when it is soft, bigger than the dicks of some of the lads and smaller than others. After what happened this summer, I might tell Ron about it and see what he says. If he shows interest then I might suggest we wank each other, but I am not sure really. I often think about Ron when I wank, and until I discovered this site, I thought that was weird, but once I started to read Solo Touch I realised that quite a few young men seem to do things with their mates, so it is not all that weird.

Anyway, let me tell you what happened. Me and my mum went to stay for a fortnight in a chalet in a holiday park near Blackpool. Mum knows it is not ever so exciting for me when we are away together so, if I get friendly with some other guy, then she will often let me go off swimming or fishing or something with him because she seems quite happy to sit on the beach or near the chalet and read. In the chalet next to ours was a chap of about 50 who was in a wheelchair because he had been seriously hurt some years earlier in a motorbike accident. He had with him his son, Lewis (not his real name), who was 19. We soon got friendly and went for walks and things and even went for a swim in the sea. Soon my mother and Lewis's dad were quite happy to sit together and talk and let us lads go off.

On the third day, me and Lewis went to a really good swimming pool that had flumes and slides and waves in the water and things, and we had a really good time. After about two hours we decided we had better get dressed and go back to the camp for tea. We got into the changing room and Lewis immediately stripped naked and made for the showers. I was a bit shy of undressing in front of Lewis, but not wanting to be thought a wimp by him, I also stripped off and followed him.

When I caught up with him, he looked down at me a said, 'My, you are quite a big guy, aren't you Ben?' and he nodded towards my dick. I felt pleased that he thought so, and when I looked, I could see that he wasn't much bigger. Anyway, he went into one of the cubicles and said, 'Come on, Ben, let us share.' When I followed him in, he closed the plastic curtain and turned on the shower.

We were so close together that our bodies actually touched, and I straight away started to get hard. I turned away so that Lewis wouldn't see, but he did and said, 'Oh, he is standing up for himself, is he?' and he laughed. I smiled but I also blushed. To my surprise, Lewis pulled me towards himself so that my back was against his chest, and I could feel his cock against my bum. Holding me with his left arm, he reached round and slowly slid his right hand down my belly until he reached my cock, and then he took hold of it and my balls and gently squeezed them. I could feel myself getting hard, and part of me wanted to tell him to stop, but another part of me wanted him to go on, and that was the part of me that won!

Lewis started to kiss the back of my neck at the same time that he was playing about with my cock and balls. In a very short time, I had a really stiff hard-on. I could also feel his cock was hardening against my bum. Soon, he slid his hard cock into my bum-crack so that it was pointing upwards. Then, he just took hold of my cock and started sliding my foreskin up and down. I tried to stay calm but I couldn't, and I began to rock myself backwards and forwards so that I was sort of adding to what he was doing to my hard cock.

Soon he slipped his cock between my legs and I could feel it was touching behind my balls, and he then started to wank me really hard. Without thinking, I reached back and ran my hands up and down his thighs. So we were soon rubbing and thrusting really hard together, and Lewis kept kissing my neck and shoulders. I just could not believe it was really happening, and I just hoped nobody came to disturb us.

I do not know how long we did it because I just seemed to be floating on a cloud, but after a while, Lewis whispered in my ear, 'Do you want to cum now?' and I just nodded my head.

He kept thrusting away with his cock, but he really rubbed mine hard, and in a minute or two, I knew it was going to cum. I tried to tell him, but I was kind of breathless and sort of whispered but I could not get the words out.

So Lewis just told me to keep going then, and so I did. In only seconds after that, I knew I was cumming, and with the best feeling I have ever had, my dick just exploded. If Lewis hadn't held me tight I should have fallen down. He just held me and I let it come. I felt the sperm shoot out of me but where it went I have no idea because my eyes were closed and I just groaned with pleasure. When I had finished, I was limp and breathless. Lewis turned me round and held me in his arms. And he kissed me hard and long!

All the time he was holding me I could feel his stiff dick throbbing against my belly, and when I got my breath back and he finally let go of me, I reached down and took hold of it. Lewis breathed in hard and told me to do it really hard for him! He put his hands on my shoulders, and resting my left hand on his waist, I took hold of his cock, which felt really, really hard, in my fist and I wanked him fast. He kept sort of hissing, 'Yes, yes, yes! Do it, do it, do it!' I was afraid somebody outside might hear us but Lewis did not seem very bothered, and in a couple of minutes he came hard. His sperm shot into the air and then landed on my chest, but I kept on wanking him until nothing else came and he put his hand on mine to stop me doing him.

For some time we hugged each other and Lewis kept whispering, 'Bloody marvellous! Bloody marvellous!' And then when we felt normal again, we picked up the soap and washed each other. I felt really odd because I thought I ought to feel shocked, but I didn't. It had been just a great time. I realised that I had really wanted that kind of thing for some time, and now it had happened.

There is a lot more I could write about that holiday because Lewis and I spent a lot of the time together, and we wandered off along the beach where there was nobody about and we did it to each other. We also went for rides in their car and we did it there as well. When the holiday was over we came home, but me and Lewis have been writing to each other. He has asked me to go and stay with him and his dad during Christmas. Lewis said if I stayed with him, we could sleep together. I have not yet told Ron about it, but he is spending this weekend with us because his parents have gone away, so we shall be together in my bedroom. I keep wondering if I really dare tell him about it and sort of hint that he and I could do it together. I am kind of excited about it, but I am afraid, like I said, to lose Ron as a friend.

I hope that what I have written here makes sense because I have never tried to write like this before. I like writing fictional stories but this is different, and I would never have thought of doing it if I had not found this site.



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