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First Time Wasn't Alone

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ya gotta love this site


Like most people submitting here I am a great fan of this site and have been reading it for a very long time. I have so many masturbation stories I could tell that it is almost hard to decide where to begin. I suppose that my first time would be an obvious choice.
I had grown up in a very conservative home, my brother is 13 years older than I am, so it was much like growing up as an only child since he was off in the Marines when I was about 4 1/2 years old. Skipping ahead a several years, my parents and I moved to another state when I was in the 7th grade. I knew no one there, I eventually made some friends at school and church. I had been to several sleep overs at a friends house from church. His parents and mine were very good friends and it seemed like we were always at his house. My parents would go home and I would get to spend the night.
I was about 13 at the time and 'Jim' my friend was about 2 years older. I thought he was so cool, he knew all the things that I knew nothing about. We would spend hours talking about everything mostly cars, stereos and yes...girls. I didn't know what these strange feeling were at the time, but later found out that I was horny in a major kind of way.
Finally one night we were watching TV, catching glimpses of some good-looking girls on the late night shows (this was in the early 70's and cable TV wasn't available here yet) we both were horny and I saw this huge bulge in the front of his pants. It was late and we both were tired so it was time to go to sleep. His bedroom was basically the whole upstairs of the house, it had a smaller room connected to it which is where I was to sleep. The head of the bed was right next to the open door and I could see him plainly, but at the angle we were at he could only see my head. We talked back and forth with the light on and he said he was horny and going to play around a bit. He pulled down his underwear and out popped what I thought was a huge dick. Fully hard it was 7' long and about the diameter of a flashlight. I saw him flopping it back and forth. I couldn't get over how it looked, since mine wasn't but about 5' at the time. I had all kind of tingly sensations going on. I decided to try what I saw and started flipping it up towards my belly and watch it quickly pop back to it's standing position. I did this several times and then I thought I was dying. I felt this strong, strange feeling in my groin. I felt my dick swell up and then it happened. I started cumming. It was so unexpected and such a surprise since I didn't know what was happening. I was scared, thinking that I had done something wrong. I didn't know what all this 'stuff' was. I jumped up and ran through his room to the bathroom. I saw this clear sticky stuff all over my hands and belly. I was kind of scared, but calming down, realizing that, hey.. that felt good. I came back in to go to bed, he asked what was wrong, I said, 'Nothing, I just had to go pee,' got into bed and went to sleep. I am sure that he knew what had happened, but what he didn't know was that was my first time. We spent the next several years jackin' and jerkin' in just about every concievable manner. I will post more soon.



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