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First Time Was in a Hot Tub

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Back in 1979, my parents got a pool and hot tub. I was thirteen, and increasingly aware of girls. Being an awkward kid, I had no female companionship. My parents, while not prudes, had never discussed masturbation with me. I knew I would 'change,' and that I might have a 'wet dream,' but had no information regarding masturbation. Back in the days before the internet, masturbation was not something about which information was readily available. I had heard of an 'orgasm,' but had no idea what it would feel like, or what it meant. As far as I could tell, it would be like peeing.

One September weekend, my mother's friend Lynne had come to stay with us. I was fascinated, as she was a tall, dark haired beauty with fantastic breasts, which I wanted to see more than anything I could possibly ever imagine. I had briefly caught a flash of a glimpse that morning down the front of her flannel nightgown, and seen both entire boobs, nipple, and maybe (it could have been my imagination), even her pussy hair (ever since then, I've had a thing about loose fitting flannel nightgowns). I felt my little cock harden almost instantaneously. I can still see the freckles and tan skin, with the abrupt tan line and smooth, creamy white skin. The boobs were capped with pink nipples, which seemed impossibly stiff. When she stood up again, the nipples jutted against the flannel.

The rest of the day was torture. Lynne and my mom lounged around the pool, and kept coming in and out of the house. Lynne was wearing a red bikini. Whenever it was wet, I could see the outline of the circles around her nipples, and the firm detail of the nipples as well. Even her wet bikini bottoms clung, accentuating her pussy hair through the front. As a 13-year-old boy, I was so stiff, I was cramping.

That evening, after dark, my mom, Lynne and I were in the hot tub. While my family occasionally used the hot tub nude (which raised a number of Oedipal impulses as time went on), on that occasion we all had clothes on. I had desperately hoped Lynne and my mom would go nude, but it was not to be.

I sat sullenly, aware of repeated stiffening and softening, as Lynne would sometimes stand up, revealing her bikini clad breasts, as she cooled off from the hot tub. Even in the dim outside light, I could see those nipples. Finally, she and my mom got out of the hot tub and went inside, leaving me alone.

Now, the hot tub was actually only about ten feet away from the house, a seventies style single-story. I sat in the hot tub alone, frustrated, replaying in my head the vision of Lynne's body. My cock again began stirring, so I knew I would be sitting in the hot tub for a while before I was able to get out. Perhaps ten minutes passed.

Suddenly, the tub was illuminated by light from the house behind me, light I hadn't seen before. In a flash, I realized what it was: the light from the guest bedroom sliding-glass door, only ten feet or so away. The door had long horizontal blinds, but they weren't closed all the way. In fact, they were open to my angle.

Lynne was clearly visible, wearing a white bathrobe. She had apparently just taken a shower. Suddenly, it dawned on me: she might just take that bathrobe off. I turned round in the hot tub, resting my forearms and chin on the hot tub deck, watching. A water jet in the tub blasted uncomfortably against the front of my right hip bone.

Lynne was standing, her back to me, in front of the mirrored sliding closet doors. With the reflection, I could see her entirely, both front and rear, as she brushed her long dark curls. She then walked almost completely out of view, and set the hairbrush down on the vanity, then reappeared in front of the mirrors.

She reached down, and untied the belt on the bathrobe, then began to open the bathrobe, preparing to remove it. My little cock sprung to full attention. I could feel it twitching. As she opened the bathrobe, I shifted my position slightly to get a better view. The water jet was now blasting through my swim trunks, directly on my penis. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Without taking my eyes off Lynne, I reached down and untied my trunks, shoving them down as far as I could reach. I could feel the water blasting against my cock, creating amazing sensations.

Lynne then let the bathrobe slide from her shoulders. She was wearing navy blue panties, and nothing else. I could see every inch of her breasts, even where they curved back under. Her nipples were pink, seemingly as big a round as a marker pen, jutting out. The areole were slightly bigger than quarters. Highlighted by the smooth white skin and tan lines, I was fixated. but then things got interesting.

Lynne pulled out a bottle of lotion, and began applying lotion to her arms, neck, and stomach. She bent over to rub the lotion on her legs, and I could see her full breasts sway, the nipples still erect, pointing downward. I could also see a front view, if I looked in the mirrors, almost the same view I had seen a glimpse of that morning. I reached down and grabbed my cock, holding it in the jet stream of water, so the pressure was hitting the underside of the head. It felt so hard, and the water felt so good. I rubbed it, holding my hand like a scoop for the hot water to swirl around the head.

Lynne then stood up again, and began putting lotion on her breasts, I could feel my breath becoming irregular, as I watched her hands rub the glistening boobs, the shape changing ever so slightly as her hands rubbed the lotion in, the nipples seeming to grow even more erect. She then stopped, and set the lotion down behind her. I frantically thrust my hips, holding my penis in the jet stream, my hand wrapped around the head, holding it so it pointed directly toward the nozzle. The water pressure was overwheming, and I could feel an odd faint twitching.

Lynne was still standing in front of the mirror. She abruptly reached down, and slid the panties down, stepping from them. I could see her entire smooth ass, and her hairy pussy, plain as day, as she bent over to pick up the panties, I could see her pussy from behind. I was frantic. She stood up, examining her bikini line. I memorized the outline of her pussy. The dark hair, the triangular form. I saw her entirely naked, as she admired herself in the mirror; the round curve of her ass, her long legs and flat stomach, the amazing breasts, and the pussy. My breath was ragged, and I was gasping. I could feel a strange sensation inside, a pressure I couldn't control, deep inside and behind my cock.

Lynne turned slightly sideways, paralleling the mirror. She cocked her head, looking in the mirror, and lifted one hand up to cup and lift a breast slightly, and she stroked the nipple with a thumb, seemingly watching the reaction in the mirror. Her other hand then went to the top edge of her pussy hair, and she lightly stroked it with her fingertips.

That put me over the top. I felt the jetting water blasting my incredibly stiff, and suddenly painful, cock. Suddenly, I could feel a series of deep pulsations, seemingly inside the base of my cock. Enormous contractions shook me, as I gritted my teeth and grunted. As I stared at Lynne lightly stroking her pussy hair, cupping a breast, I could feel something jetting through my cock, in strong rhythmic convulsions. I couldn't breathe, and I gasped. I instinctively moved my hand, squeezing and stroking my cock in time with the pulsations. They seemed to go on, and on, gradually fading to small rhythmic twitches.

I collapsed backwards, sitting back in the hot tub, aware that my swim trunks were still around my knees. I sat there, my head swirling, trying to catch my breath. I couldn't figure out exactly what had happened. Lynne moved out of view, and I pulled my trunks up. She reappeared in the mirror a few moments later, in the flannel nightgown. A few more minutes passed, the guest bedroom light went out, and I was alone in the swirling hot tub waters.

I quickly realized a few things. First, I wanted those sensations again. Second, I wanted to see what was going on 'down there' during those contractions. Third, I wanted to show someone. Finally, I realized I loved seeing naked women.

Over the years, Lynne visited a few more times. But I was never able to be in a similar position, or see the same type of show from her again. Nevertheless, that first time in the hot tub set me down a course for the rest of my life.



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