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First Time Touching

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I am a tall guy and I am pretty athletic. I played basketball throughout my childhood and through college. As a result I have had numerous locker room 'experiences'. As teammates you spend a lot of time together an you eventually get to be pretty comfortable. 

We were assigned roommates for the season for all the road trips we took. I was assigned to room with Dereck. As the season progressed Dereck and I became very comfortable with each other. We talked a lot about girls, sex and masturbation. We got very comfortable being naked around each other and we both slept naked all the time. Being naked together just became normal. Dereck was a guard on the team and I was a power forward. He was about 6'1' and athletically built. I was 6'7' and athletic but skinnier than him. My dick is almost nine inches long and decently thick. Dereck's was about seven inches, but thicker than any dick I had ever seen!

On one road trip we had finished our practice for the night and returned to the hotel. Dereck said he was going to hop in the shower first. He stripped off his sweaty clothes and walked to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom I started to flip through the channels and found some porn. I was instantly turned on and started to get hard. I stripped naked and laid down to watch. I heard Dereck finishing up as he turned the shower off. I left the porn running and went to the bathroom while he was drying off. I slid by him to hop in the shower. As I did my dick touched his hip. That was the first time anything like that had happened between him and I. Up to that point we had several masturbation sessions together, but we stayed on our own beds and never touched. He said that I needed to be careful with my huge tool or someone could get hurt. I joked and said that he liked it. I didn't tell him, but it sent a wave of horniness through me that I hadn't felt before.

He left the bathroom and I started the shower. After I few minutes I heard the door open and he commented on the porn I left running. He said I needed to hurry up so we could stroke together as usual. I said that I was too horny to wait and that I was going to do it in the shower. I was just kidding because I always looked forward to our jack off sessions together. Dereck didn't think I was joking so he opened the shower and jumped in. I was shocked! He said that he had been waiting to see my load shoot all week and wasn't going to let me waste it in the shower alone.

This was completely new to me, but I went with it. I said to give me a minute and I would shoot my load against the wall for him to watch. He said not to waste it on the wall. He said he had watched a video online of a guy shooting his load in his girlfriends face. He said it turned him on so much that he had been wanting me to do it to him ever since. I was hesitant at first but decided to go with it.

He got on his knees and put his face about a foot from my dick. I warned him that I hadn't shot in a few days and that my load was going to be huge. He said that would be even better.

I started to stroke and he told me to stop. He said that on the video he watched the girl did the stroking. He then reached up and grabbed my dick! He said that he loved the feeling of my dick in his hand and he started stroking slowly. Again, I was shocked because this was the first time we had done anything like this, but it felt great. I told him I loved the feeling of his hand on my dick and that it wouldn't be long until I was going to cover him in my cum. That only made him increase the speed. I could tell he was very excited.

He had a dick in each hand now and was stroking fast. I could feel that I was going to go any second. My legs and body tightened and I started to shoot my cum. I looked down and Dereck had his mouth open and he had taken a good load in his mouth and several ropes on his face and chest. He milked the last of my cum into his mouth and then swallowed. I wasn't expecting that, but it turned me on to watch!

I told him I wanted to stroke him now. We switched places and I grabbed a hold of his dick. It felt so different than what I was used to. My cum had slid down his chest and was gathering in his trimmed pubic hair. I wiped it off with my hand and used it as lube to stroke him off. He said that was so hot and I could tell that after less than 30 seconds of stroking he was about to lose it. I stroked him a few more times and then he shot a few big ropes onto my chest. I kept stroking his dick and squeezing his balls until his dick was empty.

We decided to clean each other off as we finished showering. We soaped each other up from head to toe, paying special attention to each others softening cocks and balls. He said he was looking forward to the next road trip, but we didn't wait that long. The next night after our game we had some more fun! That story will come later though.



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