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First Time Seeing Boobs

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A watershed moment in every boy's life


First time seeing Breasts

I want to relate what happened the first time I got to see a real live girl's bare boobs. This happened almost 40 years ago in the mid 1970s when I was a busboy/soda jerk at a little dairy store in a small Pennsylvania town.

The place was a small dairy story in front of a local dairy, not many around anymore. The place would collect the local milk, make dairy products, ice cream, milk etc. They had a small store in the front where people could get packaged ice cream and such. They also served cones, milkshakes, banana splits, sundaes, and such. I was the busboy/stock person, and naturally there was a crew of waitresses. All of us were high school kids who worked in the evening when this story took place.

It really started on a Saturday night, when the crew was supposed to stock the little kitchen for Sunday. We served sandwiches, soups, etc, and Sunday was a busy day when people stopped after church, or on their way to a local state park outside of town. Anyway, I had to help this one girl, named Maria stock up the soups and sandwich stuff. We kept a lot of stuff in the basement of the store. She and I had been flirting a bit for a while, and I had no real serious girlfriend-hey I was all of 15 at the time. She and I went down the steps into the storage room. I got up behind her and kidded her about her large chest a bit. She responded in kind, and when I asked to cop a feel, she didn't resist. I stood behind her and slid my hand down the front of her uniform top. I felt this wonderful, warm, soft, taut globe of flesh. Before I could reach the nipple, a noise came from up the steps, and we quickly separated. That was the end for that night.

About four days later, she was working again with me, and two other waitresses. The manager always skipped out around six in the evening, taking a sack of stuff (which he never paid for) and went home to see the news-he only lived up the street. We truly weren't busy, and I mentioned to Maria that I needed some help getting cups, paper ice cream dishes, straws, and such from the storage area upstairs. The place was large, and like a maze with all of the paper supplies needed to run the dairy as well as the store.

She and I slipped away, with the other two waitresses smirking behind us. I led her upstairs and when we got there, I hinted that I would like to do more than just feel her tits. She just smiled and nodded. She was a very loose sort of girl, and didn't mind fooling around a bit. I guess that today one would say that she had a large libido, or that she was highly sexed. I took her hand and led her to the back of the area, far from the steps. When we got there, I stood in front of her, and kissed her. Gradually I slid my hands to her chest which was quite expansive. I am guessing to my then untrained eye that she must have been at least a D cup.

Now you need to know how she was dressed. Most of the girls wore aprons smocks because an ice cream place is messy. Under that, a white uniform top, and of course a bra. All of which opened in the back. She stood there and told me I had to do the honours. But that all I could see were her boobs. And she wasn't taking everything off. I unbuttoned her apron, and she let it fall to the crook of her arm. I was nervous as anything but I managed to then unzip her uniform top and slid it down. Here was a girl standing in front of me in just her bra. Her boobs were large, and pressed on her cups. She probably was ready for the next cup size.

I kept my eyes on hers, as I tried to unhook a bra for the first time. And no, I couldn't do it from the front. That skill would develop later. After I struggled for a few minutes, she just laughed a bit, and turned around. She guided me in my efforts, and the thing just popped open. I reached for the straps, and slowly slid them down her arms. She now had her apron, her top, and her bra all resting on her forearms.

Her tits were amazing, well to a 15 year old virgin they were. Her nipples were pink like bubble gum, and in the middle of half-dollar size areolas. They were just a little hard as I looked at them. I still had not touched them at all.

After I while, I think I sort of croaked out the question, 'Could I touch them?' She just smiled a bit and nodded. I lifted my hand and I was cupping my first bare tit. I weighed it, and then cupped the other, not wanting it to feel left out. She had this enigmatic smile on her face, as she stood there, utterly dishevelled her clothes in a heap on her arms. Her hands were somewhat restricted holding her clothes. I gently kissed her, and thumbed her nipples for a bit. After a while, she reminded me that the other girls were downstairs all alone, and that the manager might come back soon.

I stepped back and just admired the view for a few moments longer. That was when she just started to giggle. She was looking at my crotch. My erection was straining at the front of my jeans. She remarked that I couldn't go back down like that. The other girls and the customers would all be shocked. I knew that it wasn't going to go away on its own either. She told me that I needed to do something about it.

I just stared at her. 'Hey fair is fair, I should get to see something too!' she laughed.

'Come on, unzip and get it out.' I considered the moment. At last, I did as she suggested. That I had never shown anyone my erection rolled through my mind. I unbuckled, and then unzipped, sliding my pants to the ground. Next came the tighty whities. My boner sprang up and I heard her gasp a bit. I guess I was pretty normal at that age, and as far as I know still today. But it was hard and ready.

She just smiled and made a gesture of sliding her hand up and down, still standing there bare chested. I did as she urged me. After a while, I lost myself in the moment, and I was thrusting my hips. I could feel the moment starting. I could only stare at her bare boobs, as I started to shoot my cum. She jumped back as a rope of it landed near her feet. I squirted a few more, and then slowly stopped stroking. We started to laugh, and realized what we would look like of someone were to come up the stairs looking for us. We quickly got dressed, and I helped her with her clothes. She had to let her top and apron go in order to rehook her bra. I helped her zip and button back up after I stuffed my now deflated penis back in my shorts.

We went back down, and about 15 minutes later the boss showed back up. I don't recall that we ever did anything else, nor did we formally date. She quit a few weeks later when she found a better paying job. I recall that I was able to neck and make out with a few other waitresses there and got myself a bit of Lothario reputation at that place. Probably would have been charged with sexual harassment in these days. But that is what happened when I got to see my first pair of real live naked boobs.



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