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First Time on the Farm

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One of my first memories of a sexual nature were when I was visiting my grandparents The house was a hand hewn two story log structure probably 150 or more years old. During the summer I would spend two weeks or more there helping my grandfather (Paw Paw) with the planting. It was pretty much a subsistence farm but was adequate for their needs. There was no electricity or indoor plumbing but it did not seem to be a concern. Evenings were spent on the front porch looking out over the mountains and listening to stories that Paw Paw told. Sometimes there were forest fires in the distance that we'd watch and, though I would be frightened, Paw Paw always assured me that we were safe. During the day I would follow behind Paw Paw as he plowed the corn. My job was to pull out all but two sprouts and any weeds left by the plow. Uncle George and cousin Larry were the only ones who still lived there and they delighted in teasing me every chance they got but were generally good to me. They slept upstairs, which was reached by a built in ladder in the back room but I wasn't allowed to go up there for some reason. One day I was left alone in the house and was immediately compelled to venture into this forbidden territory. It was really scary as the trapdoor squeaked open but there was nothing there but two beds and some baskets of clothing. Emboldened, I began looking around and found a small trunk back in the corner. Looking around nervously I opened it and found some old Look magazines but underneath I discovered a magazine with pictures of naked women on the cover. They were oriental women and I now know that my Uncle William had probably brought them back from Korea. What an exciting find for a 9 year old boy! I was totally fascinated by my find as I had never seen a mature female in all her glory before but my body seemed to comprehend the situation and I immediately had an erection which was stronger than I had ever experienced before. I had experienced hardons for years but was uncertain as to the reason or purpose and was even embarrassed to go to the restroom at school unless I was alone for fear of having one which happened regularly in class as I prayed that I not be called upon to read in front of the class. I thought something must be wrong with me 'down there' since I'd never seen any of the other boys in that condition. In addition, I was circumcised but they were not.or none I had seen. We delighted in following around the older boys as they told lurid stories about sex.
With trembling hands I was intently studying the pictures as Larry climbed up the ladder and he acted very angry that I was up there. He told me never to come up there again but did say that I could look at the magazine but had to ask his permission. I was very embarrassed but felt that I had grown up a little because he seemed to trust me with the secret. After that at every opportunity I would look at the magazine with or without permission but was careful not to get caught again. Another one I found was a nudist magazine. I found it particularly facinating since it included all ages of ordinary people. I'd hide it under my shirt and go up on the hillside and relax under a tree overlooking the farm. It was a good place since I could easily see anyone approaching. I think I memorized ever single picture and can still see them especially the one of the girl sitting on a bike with her legs wide balancing it.
As the years went by I continued to delight in arousing myself (didn't take much) at every opportunity but didn't understand what it was really all about.just that it felt very very good. This is when I developed my practice of going into the woods and walking around for hours naked with my little dick pointing skyward and thumping against my stomach. Occasionally I would be left at home alone to tend the livestock and would shed my clothes and sit for hours laboriously drawing what I considered to be erotic pictures from the limited knowledge I had of the female anatomy. Reading was my third most favorite thing to do. On Saturdays I would do my chores early and ride to town with Dad on his way to work. He'd drop me off at the library and pick me up on the way home. I did spend some time in the library (mostly trying to look up the girls' skirts) and occasionally managed to take in a movie (they were downtown back then) or peruse the 'men's' magazines at one of the newsstands. They usually had the 'good stuff' in a box under the counter in the back of the store. After a few times they got used you being there and left you alone as long as you bought something on the way in. They probably thought it was funny watching us youngsters walk out with our hardons bulging the front of our trousers.
I had no older brother or friend who educated me in the proper technique for correctly pursuing my obsession. However, one spring day as I stood just inside the barn door with my overalls around my ankles playing as usual that I accidentally fell into the traditional stroking movement which I was delighted to find a significant improvement in sensation. It felt so good in fact that I continued faster and faster with mounting excitement. Suddenly, a totally new feeling came over my body and seemed to start at the tips of my fingers and toes but quickly focused on my lower stomach. It seemed that I had lost control of my body as it jerked uncontrollably. I was so startled that I released my grasp on my dick and watched in awe as it surged upward throbbing and seemed to significantly increase in size. I was amazed when streams of milky fluid shot from the end onto the walls and ground accompanied by the most extraordinary sensation that I had ever felt in my life. In reality, it scared the hell out of me and I thought that I had somehow severely injured myself and vowed never to repeat the event. The next day I noticed that my penis was somewhat swollen and puffy which reinforced my resolution to abstain. But, within a day or two the fear subsided and the urge returned. As a matter of fact, within a week I was repeating the procedure at every possible opportunity to the point that I developed blisters on my dick and would have to stop for a couple of days to heal. From that day forward I jerked off every chance I got and everywhere I had even a little privacy. I became a really good worker and couldn't wait to get into the corn or tobacco patch and drop my overalls and cum numerous times...actually didn't get a lot of work done...



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