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First Time in Front of a Woman

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I had always wanted to masturbate in front of a woman. This is a story about the first time I did it.


When I was about 25 I had a job in sales. I was traveling in Florida on business frequently and I started seeing a young lady who worked for one of my customers when I was in her city.

On one particular trip I decided to stay in Florida over the weekend since I had to be back down there the next week anyway. I rented a room in a beachfront hotel in St. Augustine. We planned for her to stay with me over the weekend.

On Friday I picked her up from work and we went by her apartment so she could pick up her clothes for the fun weekend ahead. We checked in and went to the hotel room. We weren't there long and she said she wanted to take a bath and freshen up, so she went into the bathroom and turned on the bath water.

Obviously, we had already had sex before so she wasn't really trying to hide herself leaving the bathroom door wide open. I knew I was going to have a sex filled couple of days anyway but I couldn't wait to see her naked body so after a little time I casually walked into the bathroom and stood over the tub looking at her. She looked at me and smiled such a beautiful warm smile. She was laying back in the tub filled with hot water just relaxing and letting the stress of her work day drain from her body. Her breasts looked so wonderful partially submerged in the water and her legs being slightly longer than the tub were bent slightly opening up her pussy. Um, um. What a delicious sight!

We casually chatted as I continued to simply admire her body, and I found myself getting rock hard. I found myself rubbing my hard length through my shorts as I looked at her and, of course, she noticed. I told her that looking at her sexy body had made me so rock hard I couldn't help it. She just smiled and smiled in a devilish way.

I had long had a secret masturbation fetish, desperately wanting to stand in front of a woman and jack off as she watched, but I never dared tell any of my female partners. Would they think of me as sick, or crazy ... why would I want to jack off when I could have the real thing? Did I dare let her know how badly I wanted to just drop my pants and stand right there and jack off?

As she laid in the water she used her fingers and started rubbing her nipples like she was teasing me. I said 'Baby, I could shoot cum all over you ... you look so hot laying there naked.' To my surprize and amazement she said 'That would be awesome ... go ahead and do it!'

My heart was racing as I totally removed my clothes and stood over the tub ... protruding my hips so she could so easily see how big and hard I was. Her smile was from ear to ear. My heart raced as I laid my hand on my rigid dick and slowly started jacking myself. Being my first time ever jacking off in front of a woman I actually had just a tinge of embarrassment. This is, after all, supposed to be a taboo and something you do in private. I was so excited as I stroked. As she watched me she spread her legs even more and protruded her pussy just above the water line. Her sweet pussy lips were splayed apart and her wet, pink, pussy hole was begging my dick to fill it completely and fuck it hard. I was so turned on! I lost my momentary timidness or embarrassment and soon was into full time jacking as I looked at her naked body. 'Ooooh that looks so hot,' she said.

It didn't take real long ... I could feel the orgasm coming and I said 'here goes!' and I started shooting wad after wad of cum into the tub, onto her body, and splattering into the water. 'Ummmmmm, that was wonderful!' she purred.

I got on my knees and bent over the tub and she kissed me warmly and deeply. Over the weekend all we did was have sex except for a few short walks to the beach and pool. That was a perfect weekend! That first experience fuelled my desire to jack off in front of women and from that day on I know I've done it with every woman I ever had sex with. Today, many years later and happily married my wife and I quite often vary our sex life with a wonderful mutual masturbation session. If you are married or have a partner and you are not having masturbation sessions with them, it's a fantastic way to create some variety.



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