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First Time for a Girl

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Kinda funny looking back...


I absolutely love this site! Your real-world experiences are all so arousing, and interesting for me to compare with my own experiences. Occasionally I am amused to read someone's 'true' story, quickly realizing it is a complete fabrication. The story of my first time with a girl is true, and unfortunately not too sexy.

Allie and I had been friends since our elementary years, and we would often walk home together through a large wood near our homes. On one particular late fall afternoon our conversation turned to things sexual. Being a true breast man, I had steered the conversation to her chest, an area of fascination for me and embarrassment for her. Allie's breasts were abnormally large, nearly an 'E' cup at age 14. I prodded her to let me have a peek.

'Come on, what's the big deal?' I ventured.

'No' was Allie's flat reply

'We've been friends forever, just one quick look.'

'They're big and ugly. I hate 'em!'

'Impossible!' I countered

Allie hesitated for a moment, then fixed me with a strange look. 'you're crazy. You really want to see my boobs that bad?'

'Hell yeah!' I replied way to eagerly.

Allie nervously licked her lips and glanced around the deserted forest. She opened her coat, grasped the bottom of her shirt and quickly pulled it up over top of her large breasts. I stared, transfixed at the wonders before me. Two soft, very large round breasts, barely contained by a beautiful white lace bra. We were only inches apart, and I watched her chest heave with her heavy breathing. Slowly, I reached out with a trembling hand and touched her left breast. Allie didn't move. I began to softly run my hand over her breast, first on the bra, then at the top of her breast, feeling her soft skin. I added my other hand, and began to stroke them both together. After a few moments, I attempted to slide my fingers between her tits.

'Not in the middle!' Allie hissed and slammed her shirt down.

Not sure how to respond, I simply looked at her.

'Now I want to see you' she countered.

'Huh?' was my suave reply

'You saw me, now I want to see your thing' She was grinning at me.

'I bet you do!' I joshed back.

Her smile, evaporated. 'Seriously. Let me see.'

Now it was my turn to feel nervous and glance around. I had always been shy about my body and had gone to great pains in the past to guard my privacy. However, something that day, whether it was my arousal or our good friendship, changed my thinking.

I stepped back, opened my military surplus trench coat, and began to unbuckle my belt and open my pants. With one last glance around, I pulled by extremely erect cock and balls from my pants for her to see. The cold November air only served to arouse me more and cause my teenage dick to strain to even greater hardness. Allie was fixated on my cock, her breathing just as rapid as before. 'There's more I can do', I said, interrupting her reverie.

'What do you mean?'

'Just watch' I said, trying to sound cool, and probably failing.

I took my hard cock in my right hand and began to stroke. 'I'm gonna make it come for you' I whispered. Allie stared at my ministrations, mouth agape, eyes wide.

Between my age and the illicitness of the encounter I probably only lasted 20 seconds. 'Watch!' I gasped as my orgasm hit me. My ejaculation exploded from me. One, two three, four spurts of come shot out on the ground in front of me. I wasn't embarrassed, only excited, and (silly as it might sound) proud of my performance.

I looked at Allie, and she looked at me. Neither of us spoke for a full second. Finally, she took a deep breath and replied,


Now that's a TRUE masturbation story!

P.S. A few years later we had a similar experience, she was more receptive that time!



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