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First Time at the Sleepover

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My first time masturbating happened at a sleepover.

I was 12, and I was invited to my cousin's friend's house for a sleep-over. I had never been to one, so I was nervous, but my cousin assured me her friend was cool.

Well, to make a long story short, I was ignored, and I didn't have a very good time. Most of the time, I was in my sleeping bag against a far wall, just listening to them talk and stuff. For a while, it was about movies; then it was about boys, sex, and that kind of thing. I really liked hearing about boys and stuff, and I had heard about masturbation before, but when I tried it a few years earlier, it didn't feel good enough to pursue further.

That night, I finally fell asleep around 3 a.m., after everyone else had. One of the girls was snoring really badly, and she kept waking up and coughing. To drone out the sounds, I inched my sleeping bag right next to the air conditioner. In this house, the air conditioner was this huge unit underneath the main window; you know, like they have in hotels. It came on and off, and when it was on, the white noise canceled out this girl's snoring, and subsequent, 'Shut up!' others would mumble.

When the AC went on, it vibrated a lot. I had my back pressed against it, and the vibration felt good. And it was cold, so my nipples were hard. I was wearing a training bra by that point, and I had already taken it off, but I was in these flannel pajamas I wasn't used to (I was ashamed of my pudginess, so I wore heavy pajamas to the party). My hard nipples rubbed against the flannel, and the vibration in my back started to make me feel funny. I woke up, and my panties had ridden up on me again (I tossed and turned a lot). When I shifted around to adjust them, my privates itched a little, so I scratched them, and this strange feeling came over me. I started thinking about boys again, and I sort of drifted into a half-dream state where this guy I really liked was rubbing my back. I got really wet down there.

I don't know what made me do it, but I started to rub my groin, and then I tried the masturbating thing again. I felt that with the noise of the air conditioner, and the fact I was in a sleeping bag, no one would notice.

Now my clit was slippery, and rubbing it felt Really good, like when you have an itch, and you scratch it juuuust right. My back was vibrating, my nipples were rubbing, and I was flicking my clit. Then my fingers got sore, so I rubbed my nipples some more, and that felt really great. My whole body began to tingle, and before I knew it, I was rubbing my clit again. I kept pinching and rubbing the skin around my labia and thighs, and I started to feel really relaxed. Then I felt something building. I stopped, because it was scary at first. Then I couldn't hold back, and kept getting closer and closer.

Then, just when I thought I'd just go to sleep, my privates exploded with such orgasmic pleasure, I gasped hard in shock. That's when I accidentally inhaled my sleeping bag string, and I ended up coughing. One of the girls asked if I was okay, because she had heard me breathing funny, and they knew I was an asthmatic. I faked I had an attack, and took my inhaler. My privates were twitching for hours, and part of me thinks some of the girls knew what I had done, but they never let on. Since I never saw them again, I'll never know.

When I got home, I started masturbating regularly, and I found it was a great way to pass the time, clear my always stuffy sinuses, and just generally make me feel better when I was blue. I started to experiment with different things, and read some of my older brother's porn collection (he had some magazine called Hot Talk which turned me on a lot).

I'm in college now, and while I prefer real sex, I still have a Hitachi massager which does the job when I need it to.



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