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First Time

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This is my first post here. My friend showed me this site and encouraged me to write something. I am from a very strict Catholic family and have three sisters. I don't get much chance to be sexy.


My parents wont allow us any sexy or revealing clothing. That doesnt mean I can't make do though. I really want to wear thongs so sometimes I take my little sisters knickers. They are way to small and ride up between my ass cheeks. I like that. I also like the fact that I am wearing someone else's knickers. Perverted huh? Anyway I told my friend about how I was feeling and she suggested going to college with no knickers on one day. When I met her on campus she also looked and my long skirt and showed me how to hitch it up by rolling it over at the waist. Suddenly I was in a mid thigh skirt with nothing underneath! The first lecture was ok, but I felt that every time I moved the lecturer might see up my skirt. By mid morning, I was so horny! I started sitting with my knees a little way apart and then further. I saw the lecturer look a couple of times and then suddenly a voice popped into my head. 'You are showing a man your cunt for the first time.' Even as I thought the 'c' word, I felt myself get so wet it was on my thighs. I had to do something about it. So I left the room and went to the bathroom. In there I sat on the toilet and spread my legs. My scent rose up to meet me and then I was standing up, my legs apart, one hand rubbing myself and the other up under my top squeeaizing my nipple. Then, for the first time, I jammed a finger inside myself. There was a moment of pain and then, OHHHh what a feeling!!! I know I can make myself cum but this was nothing like it! The heel of my hand was on my clit and I had TWO fingers inside me kinda hooked forward. Does that make sense? Anway, suddenly my orgasm hit and I swear, it made my knees buckle and I had an embarassing accident, if you know what I mean. When I came down from it all, I found I had wet myself or rather, the bathroom floor. There was also blood on my fingers and my thighs.

Later that night in bed I pushed my fingers in again. It stung a little but nothing like the shot of pain I had before. I lay there thinking, Maria, you are finger fucking yourself. Oh how I love the 'F' word! I just thought stuff to myself. 'You are fucking yourself. Imagine if it was a boy's cock. Imagine if he was to cum inside you.' Soon I was biting my lip so my sisters didnt hear me cum.

The next day at College, I told my friend what I had done and she said I was ready for a lot more. We talked for over an hour. She is way more experienced than I am, but then most people are! She has had sex with boys and, I learned, with girls too! I told her how I felt when I wear my sisters little knickers and she said I should put a used pair on and, to use her words 'feel her wet cunt against yours.' I think that is a bit too much for me, but I did ask her what its like to let another girl touch you and make you cum? She offered to show me! So later that day we met up in a bathroom stall and I let her finger me. She kissed my neck and ear and talked real dirty to me which I love a lot. Then she kissed me between my legs. I got very scare because of wetting myself and all and I told her that. She said that she would consider it a compliment! So with her fingers in me and her tongue on my clit I relaxed and let myself cum. I got to touch her, (and taste her) too. It felt strange to feel another girl's pussy contracting around my fingers and she seemed to come in a different way to me.

All I know is I feel like I am in a different world now. I want to be sexual, I want to get fucked too. I have erotic thoughts and fantasies all the time, even in church! Sometimes I do really daring things, (well daring for me anyway) like wearing no panties to church. I even masturbated at home smelling my sister's pussy.

There is a guy at church that I really think about a lot. He is at least 40! but I masturbate thinking about him fucking me. Maybe I should do something about it? I really want to spread my legs for him and feel him push himself inside me. (Actually, what I REALLY want is for him to be rough with me. I want him to push me onto the floor or up against a wall and for him to tear a hole in my pantyhose, pull my panties to one side and really fuck me. (Sorry, I have to go masturbate right now)

Oh I am sorry about that but I just HAD to cum.

Well, thats about it. I hope my first post is ok.



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