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First Time

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After my mother remarried we moved to the country. My new brother was two then and I was in 8th grade. I met the girl across the street and was totally overwhelmed by her beauty. She was a junior in the girls catholic school near the subdivision. I didn't know it until we moved there, but that school was a top rated one and almost all of the families in our neighberhood were there for that reason. That is why I was one of the few boys in the subdivision. Her long black hair and grey eyes were just the begining. She had pert titties that stood up so firm it looked like they must hurt, but compared to the other girls they were small. I fell in love with them even though I only saw them contained in her white blouse at that time.

My mother and hers decided that I was to young to take care of my brother alone, and since Melissa had to take care of her two brothers and two sisters anyway, my brother and I were to join them at Melissa's house to combine the effort. She was in charge, I was just the helper. We were in the basement recreation room when her traveling salesman father came home one day and went into his 'office' room in the basement. It was next to the laundry room.

Melissia got up from the sofa, put her finger on her lips, and signaled me to follow her. We went into the laundry room, left the light off, and she squeezed behind the water heater next to the office wall. There was a warp in the wallboard there and she peeked thru it to look into his office. She looked for awhile, slipping her hand up under her skirt while she watched, then she moved aside and signalled me to look. I looked through to see her father laying on the cot next to the wall naked and his cock in his hand. He was looking at a magazine and stroking up and down the length of his huge dick. While I watched his body started jerking and his penis squirted white stuff up in the air and all over himself. I was really surprised because at my age I had no experience, not even masturbation.

Melissa hustled me out back to the rec room just in time; her dad came out and went up stairs. I was full of questions and she explained all about sperm and orgasms. Then she asked me if I could squirt sperm like her dad. I said I had never tried and didn't know if I could. She couldn't believe it, a boy my age she said, should be jerking his dick and cumming. The next day her father left on a trip and she got the key to his office. She showed me the magazines while she sat in his office chair and watched me. Of course I got a hard on, then she said I couldn't look at any more magazines unless I took off the gym shorts I was wearing.

Sitting on the floor with the magazines, looking up, I could just barely see a small patch of her white panties, and looking up further it was easy to make out her hard nipples. I dared her to take off her bra and panties if I took off my shorts. She agreed, I stood up right in front of her(it really made me hot to be naked in front of her) and pulled off my pants. My hard dick sprang up and bobbed around right in her face. Then she disappointed me by going out into the hall to take off her underwear. I sat back down and looked at the magazines.

When she came back in I could see the circles of her nipples plainly thru her white blouse but she still had her plaid skirt on. Then she sat back down into the chair. As her skirt fluffed from her motion of sitting a puff of air hit my face carrying the most intoxicating fragrance I had EVER smelled. My dick throbbed and jerked while my head whirled. Then she flipped her skirt up showing me her pussy. She lifted her knees and put her heels on the edge of the chair. She had a good bit of hair on her pussy, but it stopped just above her slit, which was bare from the top down. As I watched she spread her knees. Her outer pussy lips stuck together a little, I could see them cling as they pulled apart revealing her clit hood and inner lips. Suddenly the magazines became totally irrelevent. She told me to keep looking at the magazines and to jerk off, she wanted to see me shoot sperm. I did, but it wasn't working anymore what with her sitting there rubbing her pussy slit.

I found one picture of three guys shooting cum all over a womans tits, with a caption that quoted her as saying that her tits got real firm and bigger when they were covered with sperm. When Melissa read that she decided that if I came on her tities enough they would get bigger! I told her that the magazines were exciting but that it was looking at her and watching her rub herself that really made me feel excited. I didn't care about the mags, I wanted to look at her beautiful pussy and asked her to show me her breasts. She said she would but that I had to cum on them. She opened her blouse, and I stood up, aimed my dick at her tits (like in the picture) and stroked as hard as I could. I tried and tried until finally I had a wonderful feeling run thru my body, my legs gave out, I fell to the floor, but no sperm.

She said I had just had an orgasm, and asked if that was the first time I had ever done that. Of course it was, which I told her. She told me about her friend Cissy whose boyfriend had to try four or five times before sperm came out and that we could try again when I came over the next day. While she talked she kept sliding her fingers up and down the length of her pussy slit. She was breathing fast and talking in quick blurts then pausing to stroke. She had her hand flat against her pussy with all four fingers in between her outer lips. Sticking out in between her two middle fingers was what she called her 'clitty' and kept asking me if I could see it. Wrapped around her middle fingers and clamped there by her little finger and forefinger were her inside pussy lips, like she had shown me in the pictures of the womens pussies in the magazines. She rubbed up and down, then around in a circle, never letting go of her grip on her cunt until her body jerked a bunch of times, her hips humped up towards my face repeatedly as she kept asking 'Can you see my pussy, its cumming, see it? Look at my cunt boy, jerk your cock boy. Am I making you cumm? '

Then she squealed a couple of times, jerking around. Her legs clamped together while she hung onto her pussy and curled up into the fetal position still jerking and twitching. She stayed there laying sideways in the chair twitching for a few minutes, I could see some milky looking juice dribbling from her fingers onto the back side of her thighs and that FRAGRANCE was overwhelming me. It was the most wonderful musky like perfume; I just couldn't help myself, I shoved my face right up to her bottom and licked up the juice. (like I had seen in the magazines) She jumped and pushed me away, saying that we were not to touch each other! That was a rule! She told me I had to leave now. I said I was sorry, I didn't know the rule, pulled on my shorts and headed for the door. She said Okay, but that WAS the RULE.

Then she said don't worry, we could try again tomorrow to see if I was grown up enough to give her some sperm. All I could think about, as I gathered up my little brother, was coming back tomorrow. I hardly slept all night thinking of her and rubbing my hard dick.



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