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First Time

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After reading many of the posted stories, I guess the 'universality principle' applies to so many 'first time' stories. Mine, is not that different. When I was 12 years old I went to Boy Scout camp for two weeks. This was the first time I was ever away from my family by myself. I do not recall ever having sexual thoughts or desires prior to this time, at least not ones that involved masturbation or orgasm.
I certainly knew about sex and women, and did not think that sex might be something that would (could?) occur between two boys (or, men). I only knew a few of the other boys in my group of 12 boys, although they all were from my home city (very large metropolitan area in the mid-west); none were from my troop or district. I was, however, always able to make friends easily.
One of my fellow campers was a 14 year old named Bob who was also a member of the Order of the Arrow. We had met previously when we were tapped into the OA ritual. One day during the first week, Bob came into the 'pisser' (bathroom) while I was peeing into the gutter trough. He pulled out his penis from his shorts and I saw the biggest pecker that I had ever seen! Mine was tiny, when compared to his that was probably only 3 or 4 inches long, but, also very big in girth.
I guess he saw me glance at his penis as I put mine back into my shorts and he laughed and raised his dick so he pissed way up into the air. I laughed, too. Then he asked me something that to this day seems a silly question: 'Have you ever sucked dick?' In all honesty, I really did not know what he was asking! 'Sucked dick, I replied, who's Dick?' He also laughed and said,'Not a person named Dick, he said, I mean a dick, dick, a cock, a pecker, stupid.' Not wanting to be 'stupid', I said,'Sure, of course I have sucked dick!'
With that, he turned and asked me to suck his dick. I didn't know what to do. I didn't think I wanted to lick on a dick that had just pissed in the trough and I told him that I really didn't want to do it right then. So, he asked me if he could suck my dick. Now, it seemed like it was truth or dare. I didn't want to be a weenie so I just said,'OK.'
He went to the door of the bathroom and looked around, and I guess he thought it was safe and we were alone. He came back and kneeled in front of me and told me to take my dick out. Now I was really feeling bad, since I knew mine was like a 'twig' when compared to his 'log'. But, I pressed on and took out a shriveled little 2 inch penis! He immediately sucked the entire thing into his mouth and began to suck and move his mouth in a back and forth movement. I really couldn't believe it, but my little penis was now getting fully erect and up to it's full 3 or 4 inch grandeur! I had never experienced anything like that feeling, had never experienced an orgasm or even knew that anything but piss came out of the pee hole.
Bob kept sucking and then took out his own dick and I could not believe how large it really was! It was no longer 3-4 inches, but had grown to a giant-like size that was probably 6-7 inches and as big as my wrist in diameter! This was my first even look at a hard-on. He started to stroke his own and then he stood up and stopped his sucking of my dick and put his own back into his pants.
He said he didn't want to 'come' yet and I didn't have a clue about what he meant. We heard some other boys talking outside and we both left the 'pisser'. That evening, after dinner, but before 'taps', Bob stopped by my tent and asked me if I wanted to take a walk down to the lake. I nodded 'yes' and we hiked the 1/2 mile toward the lake. As we walked Bob asked me if I wanted to go into the woods and 'jack-off' with him. Again, I must admit that my 'sex' vocabulary was increasing in quantum leaps! Not wanting to say 'no', I agreed & we walked off of the path and into the dense underbrush.
When we were well out of view of the path and entered a small clearing, we stopped and Bob immediately stripped off his bathing suit and hung it from a low branch on a nearby tree. I saw his huge dick and all of his pubic hair. I did not have any pubic hair at that time and was a little embarrassed about showing him my naked dick and hairless balls! He then told me that I should strip, also and jack-off with him as I watched him stroking his cock in a very steady and methodical manner.
Now, I felt my own dick getting hard and guess I wasn't as shy to 'show' my 4 inches! I pulled off my shorts and jockeys and began to pull my pud. Bob began to breath harder and he told me he was going to 'shoot' [another new 'word' meaning!] and he pulled a leaf off of a tree and placed it near his pee-hole. Then, I stopped my own stroking and watched in awe as he began 'shooting' a white glue-like substance onto the leaf! He told me it was a 'great load' and I watched as the spurts filled the green surface of the leaf and began to drip as it overflowed and leaked into the leafy ground cover.
I honestly then told him that I had never done that and asked him if all boys were able to 'make that kind of goo?' He assured me that I would soon be able to make my dick 'shoot' cum just like he did. Needless to say, I worked diligently over the next five or six months once I returned home until the day when I was 13 and experienced my own real orgasm by masturbation. I never again ran into Bob at any Scouting event, but I will never forget the lesson that he taught me in the woods so long ago. I have lived a great heterosexual lifestyle and never considered that the experience with Bob hurt me or in any way constituted molestation or abuse. I actually appreciate the fact that my own naivete played a role in my discovery of masturbation and sexuality.



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