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First Time

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I grew up in the 50's when sex was not discussed - at least at our home. I was curious about the facts of life but had to learn from the limited resources of that era. My mother did subscribe to a magazine for parenting and eventually that's where I discovered the facts of life while secretly reading one of the issues that contained an article regarding conception for couples trying to get pregnant.

During the summer of my 13th year, I went to visit my aunt and uncle who had a cottage on the lake. My cousin and I were the only ones at the cottage one afternoon as my uncle was at work and my aunt had gone to town for groceries. My cousin asked me if I'd like to take a boat ride. He had just gotten his driver's license that year and had a part-time job at the local hospital. I didn't know yet just what kind of a job he had.

We went for the boat ride up the shoreline to a bay and turned around to head back to the cottage.

For some reason my cousin Richard (not his real name) turned the outboard motor off and we started to drift out into the lake. We were not in sight of any of the cottages that dotted the shoreline and no other boats were within sight of our location. Richard re-started the engine but placed it on idle. He told me that he had been working at the hospital lab and that the work at the lab involved the detection of sexually transmitted diseases. I really did not know what he was talking about due to my limited knowledge of the facts of life. Richard asked me if he could take a look at my penis to see if there were any signs of disease. I was too embarrased to tell him that I didn't know what he was talking about but did not want any diseases so I agreed to let him take a look.

I stood up in the boat and tugged at my too tight bathing suit which was a bit small. As soon as I got it down past my knees, Richard asked me if I masturbated. I said that I didn't know what he was talking about. That was the truth. I had absolutely no experience with anything sexual other than playing with my many erections. He asked me to show him what I did when I played with my penis. I showed him the back and forth movements that I usually employed - none of which resembled masturbation. Richard asked if he could feel my penis. He was still checking me out for the sexually transmitted diseases I thought. Soon he was stroking my penis up and down.

After just a minute or so, I began to have a strange feeling and told Richard that I thought that I was going to urinate. He told me to go ahead. In a few more seconds I could feel the movement of my first orgasm moving up my shaft.

I said 'Oh, Oh, I'm going to pee' as the first spurts of semen shot out of my young penis.

Richard asked me to keep his examination of my penis a secret - which I agreed to do. He took the boat from idle up to speed and we were soon back at the cottage.

The next day my older sister came to pick me up.

We packed the car and I got into the back seat. I told her that I wanted to lay down as I was tired from all the water activities and being up late the night before playing cards with some of the neighbors from other cottages next to our aunt and uncle's.

I took the opportunity to have my very first jack off session in the back seat of the car ont he way home - and have been enjoying it ever since.



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