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First Time

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First time at a massage parlor.


It was my first time going to one of these places. It was one of the nice places in town, clean, up scale and very attractive women. I went in and saw who was available and chose a pretty blond attendant. I was escorted to the room and told to take a shower. By the time I was sitting on the table in the towel waiting I was wondering if I should just run away. I looked in the mirror and figured my 5'11' 180lb body could use the attention. The only woman to give me an orgasm so far was a dancer during a private lap dance...but that is another story.

I heard a slight knock and realized it was too late to do anything but enjoy what was coming. This pretty blond walked in and introduced herself with a hug. She explained what the options were in a sexy European accent and I took her suggestion of a body slide. She took my towel and told me to lie down on my stomach. She started to undress and I found out what a good choice I had made. She was blonde, about 5'6', slim but not too skinny with nice perky 34b's with great nipples.

She dripped oil on my back and started with a massage and small talk. My nervousness was receding as she worked her magic on by body. Her hands were soft yet worked my muscles and my mind. She climbed on my back and started rubbing her breasts on my back while her hands were roaming my body. I suddenly felt as if an electric shock went through my body as she slid her hand between my legs and lightly pulled her nails across my balls. She could feel my body tense and whispered 'Mmm, you like that?'. All I could say was 'yes', as I felt my cock getting harder by the second.

As she climbed off of me she told me to turn over. I was so excited as I was about to show myself to a woman for the first time in a state of arousal. Her gaze dropped to my seven inch hard-on and smiled 'not bad'. I reached out and started rubbing her ass and she smiled again, continuing to roam her hands across my body. My hand moved to those lovely breasts, feeling the softness and moving my thumb across her now erect nipples. She was making sure that her hands were brushing across my cock and balls. This would make my cock twitch and more pre-cum would leak. After she noticed this a few times she said 'you can't be the only one who has a good time' and moved my hand between her legs. As oil dripped on to my hand and I began rubbing it into her pussy, I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was sliding my fingers up and down her slit, exploring between her folds. 'You like my pussy?'. 'God yes'

This is the point when my memory of the events start running together. I didn't think I could be more turned on. I was wrong. A voice in my ear said 'body slide time' as she slid across my face and down my body. Her glistening pussy inches from my face. My fingers found her little button and started caressing. I could feel her hand wrapping around my cock, moving up and down continuing to my balls. I could feel them moving under her hand and the orgasm beginning to build. I continued exploring her pussy lips. She looked back at me and gave me a smile. I knew at this point I was going to get my first real handjob. She started sliding her body up and down mine, I could only hold my hands on her ass as she moved. My cock was straining against her body as it slid across. My breathe was shallow, feeling like I was running cross-country. I could feel myself beginning to cross the point of no return. I was going to try and tell her to slow down so I could wait for the handjob, but she started playing with my balls and all I could manage was a moan as I started to cum. It was the most powerful orgasm I had experienced so far. It was like it lasted for minutes. As she slowed her pace I came back to reality and watched her climb down with a big smile looking down at her handy work. She was covered in cum from the top of her breasts to below her bellybutton. As she grabbed a cloth to clean us off she smiled and asked 'So how was it?' I think all I could manage was 'oh wow, oh wow'. I laid there till she showered and then took my turn. After we dressed she hugged me for a while and I said 'Thank you, you have no idea'.

I guess I still have another story about my first handjob.



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