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First Time

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When I was 14 my mate Gavin and I got talking about sexual stuff. Gavin was deep into puberty, he had stubble happening and always took his razor on school camp. He was really shy in the gym change rooms at school, carefully wrapping himself in a towel and not letting people see his development.

One day at lunchtime we were on the beach near our school and I brought the conversation around to masturbating. He said he had never done it. That surprised me as I'd been jerking off since I was early 13. I told him it was awesome and that he should give it a go.

I asked him over the coming days whether he'd done it yet but he always said no. Then one day he said he had. He'd cum lots and made a real mess of his bedsheets. But he'd loved it.

Fast forward a few months and I was over at his house. It was after school was evening and we were hanging out in his room before going to this evening exam support class called study support. We were both 15. We were talking about a porn mag that he had hidden. He pulled it out and we started looking at it. It's pages were stained with dried cum. I joked that he'd been busy. Then I suggested we wank.

Gavin agreed. He went and got us tissues and then we sat facing away from one another. I took the porn mag, Gavin said he didn't need it. We lowered our pants and our jocks and started going at it. I took the odd glance over my shoulder and saw Gav's fist moving rapidly up and down. I couldn't really see his penis, but a large, wiry pubic bush extended around where his fist was jacking. We came quickly, me into the tissue and Gavin missing, messing his shirt up and having to go and change. Over the next few months we did it a few more times, but never really seeing more than a few glances of one another. When we were seniors in high school we grew apart.

Three years later I moved overseas with my folks. A year later, now aged 18, I returned to my home town for a holiday. One night I was driving back to the farm when I saw Gavin walking home. I pulled over and asked him to hop in. It'd been a while. We chatted about the last few years. Gavin had come out bisexual. I was, and still am, completely straight.

Eventually after driving out into the country we started to reminisce. The old days. Jacking off as 14 and 15 year olds. The excitement of puberty and of watching our bodies develop.

We reached the forest near where my family home is and drove up the long drive way that cuts through the trees. 'You wanna do it for old time's sake?' I laughed.

'For sure' said Gavin.

I parked and found some tissues in the glove box. We unzipped our pants and popped our dicks out of our boxers. We were both rock hard. Time had changed us. I was now the biggest by at least an inch, probably two, Gavin having stopped growing at five inches. Back in the day I had been jealous of his pubes and his big dick. Mine was now bigger and thicker. 'Look at that,' laughed Gavin as my dick pulsated. 'It's out of control'.

We laughed and got to work. Talking as we jacked. After about 10 minutes Gavin came and I followed shortly afterwards. We lay back in our separate car seats, our cocks lying limp against our stomachs.

'Let's get going.' We threw our tissues out of the windows and I took Gav home. We knew it'd be the last time. Gav's come out gay now. I'm straight and living overseas. Teenage experimenting, it has to happen.



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