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First Taste of Cum

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First of all, I am a straight guy, but have had bi-curious thoughts in the past few years, so yeah...

A few years ago, shortly after I turned 16, my friend Alex (also 16 at the time) stayed at my house, as he often did. It was our sort of ritual that every few weeks, he'd stay at mine, and we'd stay up wanking. Usually we'd have a big cushion between us so that we didn't see each other doing it as we watched porn together on my HD Plasma TV. This time however, we couldn't find anything to use as a barrier, so we decided not to bother. We were both really horny though, and still wanted to masturbate, so we did so without the barrier, and just lay next to each other while going at it.

After a few videos, Alex said that he was ready to cum. At this point I don't know what came over me, but I asked him to hold it in for a second while I explained/asked him something. Out of nowhere, I asked him if I could taste his cum, and as you can imagine, he asked why the hell I would want to do that?! I confessed to him that I was a bit bi-curious, and to my delight, he agreed to let me taste his cum. We watched the rest of the video that we were watching, and then just as the porn star was about the cum, Alex asked me if I was ready, and I said that I was. So Alex stood up and put his six incher very close to my face, as he made small but rapid wrist movements to pleasure the end of his throbbing cock.

It was about now that I put my lips close to the end of his dick, just as he shot four or five long, thick streams of hot cum into my waiting mouth.

I kept it there for a few seconds, savouring the warm, salty taste of it, before scooping the last few drops from his waiting cock head, then swallowing it all in one big gulp.

He asked me how it was, and I said that it wasn't actually that bad and suggested that he should try it. After a moment of hesitation, he agreed, saying that since he had 'gay dirt' on me, it was only fair that I had some on him!

We changed videos, and watched about two or three more before I was ready to unleash the beast! As I stood up, Alex said to me, 'Actually mate, instead of tasting your cum, how about you give me a facial? Then if some lands in my mouth, I can still taste it!'. And since I enjoy giving girls facials, I immediately agreed!

So I put my throbbing meat closer and closer to his face, and shot about six or seven blasts of cum all over his face, three of which went mostly in his mouth, and then he sat there, and did the same as me, savoured it, then got the last few drops with his finger.

He also confessed to me that it wasn't that bad, and that he might be willing to try it again in the future if I ever want to. He continued to masturbate again, until he shot a massive load onto his face and chest, mixing it with the remains of mine. After this, we were both quite horny, so we took turns licking it off his face.

It was a magical night, but sadly, nothing ever happened between us afterwards, although we still remain best friends, we have not talked of that night since....



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