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First Squirt

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Since the first time I saw a man naked, I must admit I've always been secretly thrilled about how it must feel to have a penis. The feeling of getting a major hardon and feeling the semen gushing up through your penis during the height of orgasm must be incredible.

Since I first learned to masturbate one of my favorite fantasies has been to imagine only temporarily that I have awaken with a big dick that has suddenly sprouted between my legs. I love to rub my clit and imagine I'm rubbing a dick there instead and how it must feel when a man masturbates. I think the sight of a man ejaculating is one of the most beautiful and erotic sights a woman could ever witness.

I have to say that I have now come closer to realizing how this must feel. Last week, I went to a bachelorette party with some of my friends, where we each gave each other gifts, mostly gag gifts, of course that were erotic in nature sex related. Many of the girls got such things as naked man playing cards, calendars, and the like. I received a penis-shaped vibrator, which at first I merely laughed off, but on the trip home I was imagining things I wanted to try with this new toy.

When I got home, I immediately put batteries into my new erotic friend, removed all my clothes and got into bed. I had never owned a vibrator before, and had never tried one either. I ran this wonderful invention over my breasts for at least 15 minutes before lowering it to my clit, which was standing up like never before and hornier than I had known up until then.

I kept imagining the images that I had seen earlier that night at the party, of the naked men on the calendar and the playing cards. It didn't take more than maybe two minutes of clitoral stimulation and I felt the beginnings of some kind of incredible gathering of tension in my groin. This feeling was new to me...I've masturbated many times, but it never felt like this, with the constant vibration against my most sensitive regions. This new stimulation feeling and the images running through my mind were making me hornier than I could ever remember feeling.

All of a sudden, the world as I had known it completely changed. The most incredible orgasm I had ever felt grabbed my by my clitoris and swept throughout the rest of my body. I knew immediately that this orgasm was going to be different. After what seemed like at least 15 seconds, I began to forcefully squirt some strange liquid. All of a sudden, my all-time fantasy was coming true! While this was happening, I imagined that this is what it must feel like for a man when he is at the peak of sexual excitement and cannot hold back any longer. I had never known how different an orgasm could feel if you are blessed enough to feel this liquid squirting at the height of orgasm! Now I know why guys only want one thing! That feeling is absolutely heavenly, and if that's the way men feel when they ejaculate sperm during orgasm, I want to come back as a man in my next life.

Needless to say, this vibrator has become my best friend, but I have not been able to reproduce the squirts and incredibly wonderful feelings since then. I'm planning on practicing until I get that down!



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