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First Solo

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Not directly masturbation, but oh boy!

I read the story of a female pilot here ages ago, and thought it would be sexy to tell you my story too.


I learned to fly on single engine, piston aircraft, like most pilots, I guess. They don't let you leap into a 737/400 day one.

My first few lessons were unremarkable, but one day, my instructor was a total,asshole. Nothing was good enough for her, from my radio work to heights and airspeed, all of which she wanted at commercial standards, even though I was only 8 hours into the 40 hour ppl course.

After one landing she took the controls, radioed the tower that we would be "full stop" and taxied off the active. I was about ready to hit the bitch, when to my surprise, she smiled and said "very good. Right. Off you go. First solo, one circuit and land." I could not believe my luck.

I remember being soooo excited. I taxied out, no one beside me, got clearance, lined up and was told I was clear for take off. Advancing the throttle, I became aware of a tingling deep between my legs as the airspeed built, at rotation, I did what every trainee pilot does. We are used to how hard we need to pull back to launch two people into the air....this time there was only me. I over rotated and the aircraft literally leaped off the runway. The tingle between my legs became a throb and as I climbed out, it got stronger and stronger. I swear, I was not thinking sexual thoughts at all, but as I pushed the nose down at the top,of the climb there was a moment of being slightly less than 1g.....and I came in my knickers! It was like a wave, well, a series of waves. You know how some orgasms can be savage, almost violent affairs? Well this was like a series of Atlantic waves washing over me.

I completed the circuit landed, taxied in, shut down and met my instructor in the classroom in the flight school. She complimented me on the circuit and particularly the landing which had become a crosswind landing since we had started that morning. We discussed the over rotation, and why it happened. Then. She said almost at a whisper, "can I ask you something personal?" I said sure and she said, "umm, well, the first time I flew solo I found it almost a sexual experience, in fact, it was a sexual experience in a way." She left it there but I knew what she meant. So I told her that I had an orgasm, but hastily assured her I hadn't brought it on myself. She smiled and said that she thinks its not at all unusual for pilots to find it arousing at first. She told me some male students get a hard on during the first few hours. Well, with Claire as their instructor, I am not surprised. She is gorgeous. If I was lesbian or even thinking about masturbating thinking about another woman, she would be my choice.

Since then, I've flown solo for a great many hours. To begin with I got horny, but never had a spontaneous orgasm like that. I have, however, masturbated in an aircraft, and even on an airfield perimeter.

I'm a commercial pilot now, and have flown quite literally all over the world. I still fly for pleasure too and have my own twin. Sometimes, when flying it I don't wear panties, and a couple of times, I have stripped naked. I have also landed miles from anywhere in the Australian outback, and masturbated lying on the wing.

Flying is intoxicating....it is something that affects me on a deep physical, psychological and emotional level.

I would be interested to know if other pilots, male or female have experienced the same thing?



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