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First Sexual Encounter

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This happened about 10 years ago, the summer after my sophomore year. I was 16 years old and my friend Joanna and I had had a long day of biking and hanging out at a local lake. We were laying in the shade tucked in behind a weeping willow type of tree. We were talking about school, work, life, getting older... then the conversation turned to boys. We were both virgins at the time and had limited sexual experience with men. We'd kissed and petted with boys, but nothing beyond second base. The conversation drifted to the feelings associated with kissing... boys getting boners and girls getting wet. All of a sudden Jo whispered that she was getting wet just talking about it.

I was a little stunned by the comment, but the thought of her being wet started to get me excited. For whatever reason she reached over and started to touch my breasts. I just laid there and let her do her thing, a little nervous that kids or others would see us. She reached up under my shirt and started to play with my nipple. I turned towards her and put my hand on her crotch, outside of her shorts. I rubbed for a minute... and then all of a sudden I saw a wet spot oozing onto the khaki print. She really WAS wet.

I said we should stop.... and take this somewhere private. So, we hopped on our bikes and rode back to her house, the ride was short, but seemed to take forever. I was so excited, I didn't want her to change her mind.

We busted into her house... no parents were at home, both were at work and her brother was laying on the couch playing video games. We were falling over each other running up the stairs to her room. We burst into her room and locked the door behind us and resumed where we had left off.

I laid next to her on the bed, rubbing the wet spot on her shorts. She laid next to me caressing my breasts. We started to kiss. She tasted so sweet... much better than any of the boys I had ever kissed. This 'foreplay' lasted a good ten minutes, kissing, rubbing and petting. Then we stopped... perhaps out of guilt, maybe out of nervousness.

And we talked. We didn't want things to be different between us, but decided that this would be a good experience for us to go further. So she slid off her shorts, I took off mine.... we took off our t-shirts and bras and were down to just our naked bodies in dripping wet panties.

I looked at her, she at me... unsure of how to pursue. Soon enough we took off our panties and she pinned me to the bed and began to straddle me. She rubbed her clit on my crotch... a smile on her face the whole time. I laid there as she worked herself up, feeling a sensation I had never felt before. As she rocked I could feel juices oozing all over the bed. I reached up and put my fingers in her pussy... she moaned... this was her first time with anything in there... it was so tight.

I fingered her as she humped my crotch, both of us moaning together. It was then that I flipped her off me and onto the bed. I decided to do some humping of my own and went straight down onto her pussy and began to rub lips to lips. I rubbed against her clit, my thighs against her thighs... her juices mingling with mine. I humped and rubbed her over and over again, her legs shaking like a beat to each push. After about 15 minutes of this she let out a humongous moan and shrieked... okay okay okay! she yelled. She was done. I had made her orgasm.

I flipped over on my back and rubbed my pussy until I came, not too far behind her.

This was my first time with a woman. I had a few more experiences with her, before we started to have serious boyfriends. I will always remember the sponteneity and fun we had that day. We are still friends with healthy sex lives... but I often fantasize about recreating those moments with Joanna.



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