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First Real Penis

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When I was growing up I lived in an all female house and played with all female friends, boys were considered 'Yucky' by me all the way until I was 9 years old. I was very naive and knew boys and girls had different 'private parts' but I didn't know exactly how. My curiosity was really peeked when I realized that the boy's bathrooms had toilets they could stand at. I had never seen a baby boy's penis not even so much as an accurate drawing of a penis at the age of 9.
I had a friend who was always promising to show me her encyclopedia that had a drawing of a penis in it but she never did back then I was calling a penis 'a boy's thing', anyway I had other friends who had brothers and other males they had seen, they always tried to give me descriptions I heard everything from it looks like a finger to it looks like a sausage and everything in between. My best friend Patty told me that a boy could pee 50 feet into the air.
Anyway with so much curiosity in my head I had to see for myself. There were of course boys at my school but I used to keep my distance from them because I was such a girly girl and boys were smelly and ugly to my nine-year-old mind. Particularly a boy named Roger a 'goofy' 4th grader - he had long brown curly hair, he was thin, had tanned skin and freckles and he would always try to be talk to me and I found him utterly repulsive until one day I realized I had a good chance of getting Roger to show me his 'Thing'.
So it was close to Christmas I recall, I was doing girly stuff with my friends and Roger showed up. He was dirty wearing a pair of overalls his almost everyday outfit. The girls I was with scoffed at him but when he came over I was unusually nice. In fact I ditched my normal group of friends and took interest in what ever he did or said that day. I kept staring at his crotch wondering what he and every other boy looked like. So by the end of that day I had spent the entire day with Roger and he with me because he had a crush on me. I was supposed to take the bus after school but Roger walked home he actually lived a few blocks away from me but I never cared much before. So I ditched the bus and walked with Roger to his house. His father didn't seem to care much about my presence and we went to his room.
It was the complete opposite of my room it was small, messy, and lots of army guys on the floor, I liked dolls, was neat and had a big room. I pretended to be interested in his comic books for about 5 minutes when I asked him 'will you show me your thing' and he replied 'my thing?' I said 'yes, let me see what you pee out of'. He decided to show me under the condition I show him mine so I lifted up my dress wriggled out of my panty's and showed him. Then he took the straps off of his overall's and revealed his underwear through which he stuck his 'thing'. I was so excited. So I went and got a closer look and started touching it. It felt really squishy and eventually it started growing and I was so amazed. Roger wanted to put his clothes back on at this point but I convinced him to let me see more. So that is when I discovered 'balls' I asked him what they were and he said that it helped him pee. I explored him for a while and then I picked up a cup from his floor and asked him to pee in it he resisted but was a pushover to get to do these things so he peed in the cup while I held it. I was so intrigued with him peeing that I didn't even care when the cup started to overflow. He then pulled up his overalls after that but I decided I wanted to have one more feel before I went home so I told him all he had to do was unzip his overalls he didn't have to strip and just let me put my hand in there once again I got my way and put my hand into his zipper hole and felt around until I was inside his underwear and while I was rummaging around with my hand on his 'Thing' his mom came in the room. I took my hand out fast. 'Rachael the whole neighborhood is looking for you'.
So I went home got in big trouble... but when I saw my friends I told them every detail I could remember about Roger's privates every wrinkle, every hard spot, soft spot, the size, what it looked like when he was peeing, about how it grew when I touched it, about his balls, etc. well from then on we were all nicer to Roger and he became a celebrity that year among my friends because they all got to see 'it' at least once. Now years later I am looking at a yearbook photo of Roger and he was never that bad looking. As a matter of fact he was cute.



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